Obamapologist Clarence Page

Obamapologist Clarence Page makes a fool of himself

Clarence Page just doesn't get it (The Obama haters' extreme disorder). Despite his unprofessional ad nauseum, ad hominem attacks against Americans who demand proof Barack Hussein Obama is a natural born citizen, as required by our Constitution, the facts remain the same:

All that is necessary is for the shady character Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro to release his long form birth certificate, bring his highly concealed documents to light (including Obama's kindergarten records, Obama's Punahou school records, Obama's Occidental College records, Obama's Columbia University records, Obama's Columbia thesis, Obama's Harvard Law School records, Obama's Harvard Law Review articles, Obama's scholarly articles from the University of Chicago, Obama's passport[s], Obama's medical records, Obama's files from his time as an Illinois state senator, Obama's Illinois State Bar Association records, any baptism records, and Obama's adoption records), and stop keeping America in the dark.

Don't shoot the messenger. Those who cannot debate, defame; cannot refute, ridicule. All the character defamation, diversionary tactics, quack psychology and race-baiting Clarence Page (and other Obamapologists) hatefully enagages in against brave souls (who expose Emperor Obama has no clothes) fails to focus on the message: WHERE'S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE?

If Clarence Page honestly doesn't know the difference between a Certification of Live Birth and a long form birth certificate, a word to the wise: Go educate yourself! After all, a mind is a terrible thing to waste and the destruction of our Republic depends upon such woeful ignorance.



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There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

But it's too bad that SwampBubbles has become the David Ben-Ariel Show.

pop the numbers of this channel from your remote :)


I thought that the Ignore User function was disabled...

...will not save you from the disaster the fraud and foreigner, the president usurper, is wreaking upon this Republic, in contempt of our Constitution and disrespect for We The People. Won't you let the truth set you free from delusions of Obama's grandeur?

What does running from reality do for you?


it blinds him from the pole he's about to run into...


I thought that the Ignore User function was disabled...


I thought that the Ignore User function was disabled...

It's sad to see how easily distracted, how shallow some folks appear to be, lacking any critical thinking ability, failing to grasp the bottom line is the fraud and foreigner Obama has FAILED to bring his documents to light, keeping America in the dark, and useful idiots fall all over themselves making excuses for his shady character.

But stop spamming this site with links to your terrible blog.

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

I post and I participate. I don't spam. That's not kosher. If you fail to appreciate the plain truth of the Bible and history, as well as current events in proper perspective that I dare to share (whether here or on my blogs or website), - go play with revisionist Mike and enjoy your whine. Misery loves company.

I found you to be the clown prince of ignorance.

It's been proven time and time again, through many media sources, including spanking Lou Dobbs, that Barack's BC is authentic.

You're a joke, Dave.

your clue is who is embracing your ideology....

Action star Chuck Norris has a simple challenge for President Obama as his birthday comes tomorrow: If the birther movement is truly full of a bunch of conspiracy-fringed kooks or "zombies," as the Los Angeles Times proclaims, then prove once and for all that you are a naturally born citizen by posting your original birth certificate.

Read the latest now on WND.com.

Hawaii refuses to verify president's online COLBs

Put on the dunce cap, live and learn and turn from woeful ignorance. Obama/Soetoro/Obama relies on useful idiots to promote his big lie. Obamatons hate those who dare to share the plain truth and disturb their delusions of Obama's grandeur.

I am seeing triple. Feel free to delete two of the above, Chris.

Jerry Wright, Al Sharpton, or Clarence Page-none of them worth listening to.

...out to pick at the bones of the United States of America. Repatriation not reparations.

HuffPost blogger, college prof: Release birth certificate
'It's so easy. I think most of us have ours in our important papers at home'

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