Grand Tetons Slideshow by David Ben-Ariel

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keep up the good work !!!

Your postings on SwampBubbles are always thought-provoking, and cause some people to reconsider their value system.

Others are beyond repair.....

Thank you Mr. Liberty, it's great some think outside the box and consider facts that are often unpopular to state.

Even if those who sadly appear beyond repair don't appreciate challenges to their worn thinking, they can at least enjoy the pictures.  : - )

Custer State Park Buffalo (slideshow)

I have found that not only do some people NOT consider facts that are often unpopular to the state, but the truly ignorant ones are unwilling to periodically examine and challenge their own personal beliefs. They adopted a belief system along the way and subscribe to it in an unquestioning, automatic manner.

Therein lies an untenable compromise to their own rights as individuals - the right to think and decide for oneself. They become de facto slaves to their own ignorance.

you guys have a date set yet or have you already eloped?

that when two great minds meet, you can't just step aside, observe and learn some new things.

You should just continue on in your 'mutual admiration society' with that Florida resident and stay ignorant.

just a little humor to start a beautiful Sunday.

It's great you guys have found each other. Makes me think of a blast from the past:

(For the record, I did enjoy the photography).

I enjoy seeing and shooting the sites and sharing them with others all over the world.

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