A Sabbath stroll in Swan Creek Park

Today is the seventh day Sabbath, so I figured I'd take our dog for a walk in Swan Creek Park instead of just going around the neighborhood as I normally do. Something special for both of us among God's good creation. :-)

Immediately on the trail I saw this young fellow about 19 years old who looked Jewish and we said hi and he went the one way and we went the other (it circles around). When we met up again I asked him if he saw any lions, tigers or bears. He joked, "Plenty, so be careful." I noticed he was wearing an upside down hand around his neck and asked him in Hebrew, "Ata Yehudi?" (Are you Jewish?). He said yes and smiled, "How could you tell?" I asked if it was Fatima - meaning the Hand of Fatima (among Muslim culture) and he said the hand is to ward off the evil eye. Jews have their versions of it, as well as Muslims and others. I didn't bother saying it's a pagan superstition although I thought it. (I refer to such Babylonian relics in my article Israel and Judah Must Get House in Order Before King Messiah Arrives).

I introduced myself, "Kareem lee David Ben-Ariel." (My name is David Ben-Ariel). His name is Aharon (Aaron).

I asked Aharon if he'd been to Israel and he said no, and I said, "od lo" (not yet). Aharon asked if I had been and I said yes, including living on 8 kibbutzim throughout the Land fulfilling my goals (mentioned in God-given love for the Jews), with the intention of finally living in Jerusalem, b'ezrat HaShem (with the help of God).

Aharon asked, "What are you doing here?" I said, "To meet you...and to tell you to follow Judaism to the Jewish Homeland. Do you hate me now?" He laughed and said, no. I told him I'm a Christian but not a missionary, otherwise I wouldn't have so many Jewish friends in Israel.

I mentioned my Beyond Babylon blog with its political and religious articles, with a focus on Israel, and encouraged him to check it out and we went our ways. Conveniently, we met up again near where I had parked and I was then able to give him one of my Beyond Babylon cards that pictures my book and on the back offers my David Ben-Ariel website address and personal email. God is good.

Shabbat Shalom (Sabbath peace),
David Ben-Ariel

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Why are you always so hateful and bigoted against anything spiritual?

From DBA: Why are you always so hateful

My guess is that it isn't HistoryMike, it's that Eddie Haskel again. He watches while Mike types in his password and then hijacks the account. Just mention something about cats and see what 'HistoryMike' says.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Just worried about the voices you hear in your head, that's all. Carry on.

By the way: shouldn't you have saved your post until the heretics' Sabbath, Sunday? Posting sounds quite a bit like work, if you ask me, which of course would be a violation of the admonition to keep the Sabbath holy.


Nice job in your efforts to evade the anti-spam, multiple-link filters Chris installed. Not sure how you do it, but you are indeed a sneaky sort, DB-A.

Also: given your hatred of all supposedly heretical Christian denominations, including the millennialist Philadelphia Church of God you once cherished, how in the heck do you find like-minded, intolerant loons with which to worship? Is there an actual church that meets your impossibly stringent requirements that also mirrors your racist religion, or do you simply hold services in your mom's basement with a copy of Beyond Babylon?

If the plain truth of the Bible and history that I dare to share so miffs you, disturbs your darkness, don't read it. That's how mature adults act.

Why not humble yourself before the Word of God and go educate yourself about the Sabbath?

God's Appointment With You

by John Ross Schroeder
Did you know that God set aside a special day so you can have meaningful, lasting contact with Him? Nearly 6,000 years ago our Creator declared the seventh-day Sabbath a day of rest and fellowship with Him.


History Mike, you really are a j@ckass

When an old creepy guys like you talks about walking around the park talking to young men, I just assumed you were trolling for gay anonymous sex...

everything is perverted, even that which is pure and innocent.

He introduced himself, dim wit. He said so.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

You sound too familiar with the practices of some promiscuous homosexuals...

He looked Jewish? hmmmmm. I think you should post threads like this on religion oriented blogs. You do overdo them on this one - feels like shoving religon down our throats. Take it elsewhere please.

Did somebody force you to read my post? Didn't think so.

What, he had a big honker and was carrying an Uzi already? Oy Vey!

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

What timing! My friend Jonathan just sent me this from California:


David Ben-Ariel with M16

When I was a younger fellow (although I confess age is relative).

It starts Friday night at sunset and lasts through Saturday until sunset - just like Yeshua (Jesus) and the entire early Church of God faithfully noted and observed.

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