When white schools go black

...One principal is quoted as saying: "They [Black South Africans] hear that the [White] school has a 100% pass rate and they trust the white set-up far more than they trust township schools because there are no unions, no strikes."

Black schools are therefore emptying and closing, whereas white schools are overcrowded. However, this is a self-defeating, temporary practice. As soon as there are too many black pupils in a school, the standards start dropping, discipline deteriorates and the results plummet...

- White schools parasitized


We suffer from the same curse here in the United States.

It appears blacks see prosperity on white farms in raped Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe ruins) and so seize them, kill the goose that lays the golden eggs, sleep on the tractor and leave the fields barren, and wonder what's not working...

Blacks see better education and results in the white schools and then invade and still don't make the grade and blame others for their failings...

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when will this douchebag end his wasting space trip?

I wonder how he'd feel had I allegedly posted something about my hoping his affliction hurries itself up and ends his presence in this realm?

just exchange the word "blacks" for "Dave Ben-Douchebag" and you'll see my point.

It's too bad that Swampbubbles is getting filled with this idiocy. It used to be one of my favorite local sites, but I find ever fewer reasons to visit when it devolves into a platform for racists and nutcases to self-promote and spew their bile.

Those who deny these FACTS prove what racists they are, with hypocritical double standards and lower expectations for non-white peoples.

He could call it ' David's group' ,
or David's ramble , Chris , set up the group, he may jump in!

Apparently facts are too disturbing to those living a lie, who remain in denial of this plain truth few dare to speak with PC fascists always on patrol.

The facts are there for any honest person to see. Even the biased Blade reported on which schools had the highest grades (those with the least amount of non-whites), although they were promoting further destructive desegregation by giving that wolf in sheep's clothing a podium. The Blade failed to issue an apology to the greater Toledo area after the test scores and such came out that refuted their liberal nonsense that predominantly white schools were somehow "missing out."

That's why the politically correct racists/fascists fear to face such facts and choose instead to shoot the messenger, but it backfires on them every time.

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