Drunks and Whores

Drunks and Whores
Many professing Christians remain in denial that traditional Catholics and Protestants are spiritual drunks and whores (intoxicated by Catholic concoctions), drug addicts (under the heavy influence of Rome); traditional Christians and Catholics are spiritual practicing homosexuals, REPROBATES having a perverse spiritual preference for tradition over truth, for abominable baptized paganism, counterfeit Christian holidays they've accepted (following Constantine, not Jesus Christ), falling for accursed Rome's replacement theology that would replace the biblical Sabbath and holy days and dietary laws (we are commanded to keep) with their idolatrous traditions and unclean doctrines of demons...

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is this what you want this site to be? a place for someone to call us whores and drunks? SBer's , lets give Chris some backing to make this a better site and give this guy his own group to rant all day.
and David, we are free to eat what ever under the new covenant .

Did I call you a drunk or a whore? Guilty conscience? However, if the shoe fits, wear it. For the most part I speak against pagan practices pretending to be Christian, not people.

It appears you don't have a clue about the New Covenant or the New Testament. The New Covenant is yet to be established with ISRAEL and with JUDAH, and is based upon the Law of God that is to be written upon the tablets of our hearts and minds.

Unclean traditional Christianity teaches the religious lie that Jesus "did away with" the dietary laws, sinning against both God and man (1 John 2:4; Matt 5:17-20).

Here are two witnesses against your traditional error and religious lies:

Unclean Christianity vs. Peter's Vision

Jesus Upheld the Biblical Dietary Laws

David, let me ask you a few questions. I would appreciate if you would address them item by item:

1) What is your reason for blogging your beliefs on this blog site?

2) Why do you persist in blogging on this specific site (Swampbubbles) when it's obvious your 'message' is not being accepted by the folks that contribute or read this blog?

3) If your answer is to help 'save' us, do you go door to door and force your way into a home and insist the homeowner to listen to you espouse your beliefs? Do you 'preach' your gospel in stores or other public places?

4) What is your reason for posting on this and other 'blogs', specifically, those blogs that do not center their theme around religion, when there are so many of the religious related blogs out there? Might I point out the 'heading' at the top of Swampbubbles home page: "SwampBubbles is a user centered site dedicated to breaking news and political discussion of Toledo and Northwest Ohio. (emphasis mine)

Perhaps - and I'll give him the benefit of the doubt - DBA has not had the opportunity to answer that which I've posted above.

As he said "So many blogs. So little time."

Or something like that.

As I explained to the National Director of the Aryan Nations/Tabernacle of Phinehas Priesthood:

My agenda is to serve the Great God of Israel, sharing the plain truth of His Bible and announce His soon coming Kingdom of God-Beings to rule on Earth and save all mankind from extinction. This clarity of mind, vision and purpose also includes serving as an emissary of Joseph (revealing the Israelite origins of the West). This God-given message must reach those high and low, rich and poor, regardless of race or religion.

David Ben-Ariel Faces the Aryan Nations

Yet again, you've refused to answer questions. 'Side-stepping' them instead.

Well, it would seem that David Ben-Aerial hasn't the courage or conviction to answer my questions!

What a putz!

he'd rather comment about Joe and his book than address facts presented by you to Dave for his refution.

wonder...is that even a word?


If you fail to understand that, it's not my problem.

You read English, yes? Yah? Ken? Na'am? Si? Qui? Dah?

Just keep sidestepping them David. We're all seeing you for who you really are. You've certainly confirmed as much for me, as well as many other!

As I said before, you are truly a putz!

I say what I mean and mean what I say, even if some still just don't get it.

Why do you always invoke the mob? Does it make you feel more secure? They won't be able to help you when the bombs start falling, will they?

Europe Nukes US!

If "Drunks and Whores" is too strong for your taste at this time, perhaps something like Pearly Gates would be easier for you to take a shine to.

Revelation 21
1And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.
2And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming DOWN from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. ..
10 And he carried me away in the Spirit to a great and high mountain, and showed me the great city, the holy Jerusalem, descending OUT of heaven from God, 11 having the glory of God...
21 The twelve gates were twelve pearls: each individual gate was of one pearl. And the street of the city was pure gold, like transparent glass.


thanks for sharing!

Stay tuned to new and improved as I live and learn, so help me God. :-)

comfortable at what looks to be someone trying to sell a book. I would not continue to do this David.

simply institute one of your famous 'additions' to this post, in order to 'improve' upon it and and lend some 'balance' to what was so obviously such a 'one-sided' and 'unobjective' point of view?

Yes, clearly this is a case where some dire interjection from you is needed to stem the flow of 'abuse' from the poster and so SB members can be offered a counterpoint to the opinion stated that otherwise we wouldn't be able to come with on our own.

we have a comedian. Obviously trying to stretch something here since in all of the other places a stretch is made it gets proven nothing more than complaining, but why not try a new thread now huh? Sort of the same behavior that YOU complained about Phakit Mann, destroying other threads with off topic comments. What does that make you when you do it? Should I do to you what you said should be done to Mann? It is especially bad when someone who professed such hate for this type of behavior engages in it.

that you could handle this problem with Davidwhatzhisname trying to push his book here with some sort of 'addition' by you to his post to help the readers figure out all sides to this whole 'whores and liars' mess. It might help Cogitate for one.

I'm deeply offended with your comparison to Phakit Mann and my day is now completely shot.

Davidwhatzhisname trying to push his book

What hateful and prejudicial language! I make mention of my book in the video, available to read FOR FREE online, and I don't "push" it on anybody. Did somebody force you to read this thread and/or watch the YouTube video?

Those who are honest know that I PROMOTE the plain truth of the Bible and history and Beyond Babylon is one more way to get the Word out, however imperfectly.

My name was legally changed from David Hoover to David Ben-Ariel TWENTY YEARS AGO, as related within my articles God-given Names and From Toledo to Jerusalem.


ruin your day but I don't think you are offering a suggestion. Nothing could balance this out. Be careful, not get into a habit of trying to toss off threads.

Whether political or religious, they're all the same in evil spirit.

I could understand being "uncomfortable" if I were merely trying to sell Beyond Babylon, but the GOOD NEWS is that I make it freely available for one and for all:

Beyond Babylon (free to read on blog)

Beyond Babylon (free to read online)

Are the footnotes and bibliography their own separate volume? If they are, then where can those be obtained? Are you charging for the footnotes and bibliography if they are a separate volume?

The basis for Beyond Babylon is the Bible and it's freely quoted throughout it. Alexander Hislop's book The Two Babylons is also free to read for free online, and Herbert W. Armstrong's articles, books and booklets are priceless too!

Does your "book" contain any explanation as to why and on what documented basis the Worldwide Church of God now rejects Armstrong's view that the U.K and U.S. are descendents of the "Lost Ten Tribes of Israel"?

by Herbert W. Armstrong clearly explains how the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic peoples are part of the "Lost Ten Tribes of Israel," as the former Worldwide Church of God understood and taught. The present apostate organization apparently has a hard time remembering the seventh day Sabbath, Gentilized by too close of association with counterfeit Christianity, the Babylonian Mystery religion they were supposed to avoid like the plague and failed to do so and now suffer the consequences.

The Plain Truth about the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel

we have heard enough about the book. You have posted many times on and provided many links. I would recommend you talk about something else.

Or the weather? ;-)

that because Fred is free to plug his show each and every day here you should be allowed to post and/or plug whatever you want to as well?

has different topics on the mission of the site: Northwest Ohio news, politics and events. Your posts all seem to hover around your book which is religious and international. There is a difference. If this was a religious discussion board then have at it but you should try to make your posts more relevant.

is also making Northwest Ohio news, politics and events. Perhaps Fred can utilize excerpts from this for his radio program on local celebrities:

A Nation of Drunks and Whores
We’ve been living a lie and have loved to indulge in deception. “Don’t confuse me with the facts” has been our shameful attitude, and truth has been treated like some social outcast. Therefore, God threatens to use Europe to wake us up...

Or must we wait for someone from the Obama regime to call us cowards for failing to discuss our religious differences? ;-)

Here's the real lowdown on religion;

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

Jeremiah 16:19
O LORD, my strength and my fortress, My refuge in the day of affliction, The Gentiles shall come to You From the ends of the earth and say, "Surely our fathers have inherited lies, Worthlessness and unprofitable things."

It is sad when folks continue to fall for all the RELIGIOUS BULL Rome has dumped on the world and pretend they're worshipping Christ who hates such PAGAN ABOMINATIONS. Why remain in denial?

God is truth and despises such religious lies as Christmas and Easter. They're PAGAN to the core and God's People avoid them like the plague, happy with the biblical festivals God has given us to celebrate.

Yeshua, the King of the Jews, the King of Israel, will return and reign supreme from Jerusalem and teach the Torah, slaughtering the papal bull by the sword of the truth.

Isaiah 2:2-3
2 Now it shall come to pass in the latter days
That the [Temple] mountain of the LORD’s house
Shall be established on the top of the mountains,
And shall be exalted above the hills;
And all nations shall flow to it.

3 Many people shall come and say,
“Come, and let us go up to the mountain of the LORD,
To the house of the God of Jacob;
He will teach us His ways,
And we shall walk in His paths.
”For out of Zion shall go forth the law,
And the word of the LORD from Jerusalem
[not Rome].

Yeshua will establish the law of God as the law of the land, the law of all the Earth! That holy law reveals the seven biblical festivals of the LORD that Yeshua will faithfully teach and command all nations to observe or else - not just the Jewish people and British-Israelites.

Yes, too many people have inherited religious lies, and have passed down traditional error from generation to generation; worthless celebrations that God hates and rejects as unclean and polluted.

know that I am cracking up at everything Ben-Ariel.

It's so damn hilarious we at work now call our shit breaks, "Time for a Ben-Ariel!", or "pull in here, I feel another "Ben-Ariel" coming.

You've provided ample amounts of amusement for me and I have to tell you, now that you're shamelessly plugging that fireplace kindling to support that lifestyle you're stuck in, the material never stops, thanks to you. And now, thanks to the wonderful world of video, you've opened a whole new chapter of pathetic and I will be utilizing that soon.

So just know, as you now pimp yourself with video, that I will be there, pointing and laughing at the pathetic existance you've endured on your road in life. Want to know why? Because I can, Davie pooh.

It's the exact same mechanics you've dutifully lived your...umm...life with.

heh heh.

I heard that Take Back Toledo is trying to get David as their mayoral candidate! 2700 signatures accomplished, only 27,300 to go in 55 days!

Kingdom of God-Beings to Rule Earth from Jerusalem!
Yeshua has gone to Heaven and is preparing for the coming Kingdom of God, making room for us (converted Christians then transformed) in His Administration, preparing our positions and government seats in the Kingdom-Family of God, and will then return and receive us to Himself, sharing His glory and power and honor with us from Jerusalem, the seat of God's government, the Throne of David, the Throne of the LORD.

Don't shoot the messenger.

Since some are hard of heart and hearing, it bears repeating:

It's so obvious: Those who cannot refute, ridicule; cannot debate; defame.

those that cannot refute? You're under the impression that I acknowledge your god as you've presented him. I haven't nor am I interested. I ridicule you because you're a hatemonger, nothing more.

Cannot debate? I can debate you, on grounds within the realm of logic and common sense, and in your case, as presented in the many avenues you've displayed yourself and your rantings, you cannot even to it for yourself. And if you cannot do for yourself, then I can help you for a nominal fee. I defame you because you're an idiot with blinders on spewing a message of hatred and self-serving righteousness.

Pretty simple from a guy that knows the truth and sees a sham from a mile away.

and in your case, you had helocopters flying over top of you illuminating the night sky over the path you've chosen.

You're under the impression that I acknowledge your god as you've presented him

I don't know what gave you that impression, because it's not true. What is true is that you cannot debate, so you defame; you cannot refute, so you ridicule.

I base my beliefs upon the Bible, and present the plain truth of the Bible. If you reject the Bible, that's your business. But you can't honestly say the things I've said aren't true biblically and.or historically about the pagan origins of TRADITIONAL Churchianity, etc.

I ridicule you because you're a hatemonger, nothing more.

How hateful, hypocritical and unholy, based upon your self-righteous ideas and humanist notions that are so far removed from reality, so foreign from the way God thinks - and those who are learning to think like God (Isaiah 55:7-9).

If you knew our Great Creator God, the God of the ethnocentric Bible, the God of Israel, you would understand it is good and holy to hate that which is evil (as defined by the Word of God), that which masquerades as "Christian" and is nothing more than baptized paganism, whitewashed heathen hollow daze. God knows whether or not you're willfully or woefully ignorant. The good news is that the truth can set you free.

you're using your belief in and interpretation of the Bible to fight your arguement.

And just based upon that makes your arguement moot.

The Bible is a book of fiction, fine stories and pariables to guide the "Faithful" in how to lead their lives.

The only "plain truth" of the Bible, Dave, is you can find one in every motel/hotel room in America. That's it.

So you're basically arguing with me using a Tom Clancy novel for reinforcement.

Fact is, Dave, you are a hatemonger and use Scripture to twist your views into something palatable.

And that's what's so novel about the Bible, it's all things to all people.

But that Book means nothing to me. As is your message.

and that's what makes you pathetic, well that, and your racist viewpoints and your defining what is evil.

Because after reading what you've written, my view on evil and your view on evil differ greatly.

To me, you are evil, based soley on your limited view and racial overtones and religious innuendos.

So it's pretty much you shoving your views and beliefs down people's throats over something conjured up in your head. And you reference like-minded people to back your statements up.

Debate and refute, point and match.

Are you shoving your humanist religious views and beliefs down people's throats?

You're free to remain enslaved to idolatrous ideas, self-righteous notions, biblically speaking (Isaiah 55:7-9), but at least you should understand my whole premise is based upon the solid belief that the Bible is the Word of God and reveals what constitutes truth. It's not left to every anarchist Tom, Dick and Harry to decide while wandering in their spiritual bewilderment.

Since I go by the Book, I challenge those who also claim to do so in the hope some will examine their beliefs and see if they're kosher or not, as I've done by the grace of God and continue to do, living and learning and turning from error, as exposed.

sorry...double post

Excuse the generalization, but gays are usually great at interior design.

God and the Gays rebukes stereotypes about homosexuals.

This site is beginning to look like the David Ben-Ariel Show. At first I thought DB-A was just trying to pimp his book, but the endless links, posts, and now videos make it clear that DB-A is trying to bring as much attention to himself as possible.

Pretty egotistical from a supposed messenger of God.

Have you never read of "the sword of the LORD and of Gideon"? (Judges 7:18). I'm sure he had his detractors on the sidelines too, who refused to focus on the message, who miserably failed to see how some are a means to an end, and that we direct all attention to the plain truth we dare to share and glorify God: believe it or not.

The shepherd David's attitude was also harshly misjudged, and his motivation cruelly questioned, when he loved and obeyed his father who had sent him to take food to his brethren (1 Samuel 17:17-18, 28-29), but it didn't stop him from doing what he knew God had led him to do; and Yeshua was even falsely accused many times, but stood his holy ground and testified "wisdom is justified of her children", knowing some folks are just never happy with how God chooses to work and don't approve of the "credentials" of those who He sends (Luke 7:35).

DB-A is trying to bring as much attention to himself as possible.

Just ignore the troll and sooner or later he'll go away. As long as he keeps getting 30+ replys to his posts he's never going to leave.

and stop getting hung up on the messenger. Focus on the biblical message:

We're a nation of drunks and whores, folks who prefer to stay stoned on Catholic concoctions and whore around after foreign gods, engaging in abominable activities like Christmas and Easter - spiritual idolatry and immorality - rather than love and obey God and keep His Sabbath and His holy days and will soon suffer NATIONAL CAPTIVITY for it. Haven't you ever read the Bible?

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