Change is coming - just look at SA & Zimbabwe

“You can fool some of the people all the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time!”

Apparently it’s too much for Obama, that fraud and foreigner, to produce proof - beyond any shadow of a doubt - that he’s a natural born citizen. Shame on the conservative cowards for failing to demand it! No change there.

However, change is coming - just like it did in besieged South Africa and raped Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe ruins) when the White Israelites insanely permitted Black Marxists to occupy the government.

Zimbabwe's nightmare ... a lesson for us

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So then you'll stop listening to the "conservative cowards"?

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

David Ben-Ariel can't even get along with his fellow travelers in the far, far right Philadelphia Church of God, let alone a mainstream conservative like you. I suspect that DB-A woud even denounce Christ Himself for such "communist" ideas as "love thy neighbor."

Besides, he's too busy spamming the Internet with his two dozen blogs and pitching his book to listen to WSPD.

I don't listen to them, but those who do have told me they all failed to demand the fraud and foreigner produce proof that he's a natural born citizen.

do not give a spit about the TWOOF.They are about POWER ! Whether, it is Finkwhiner, Kwame Kilpatrick,Gov.Blagoyvich,Gov.Spitzer, Marcy Kaptur...the dimwits who vote for these socialist scum, have NO idea in the world, how they were SCAMMED ! Look at Toledo, Kaptur has become very wealthy since 1982 and, Toledo has suffered greatly for it. No one in the sane world could possibly believe Kaptur has done anything beneficial to Toledo , other than to give her brother and friends ,overpaid JOBS! Name one thing that she has voted for that DID NOT, include tax increases or freedoms taken cannot...because there is NONE !! And where is Aunty that B.O., put in his two ( TWO), the worst slum in Baltimore ??!! Thank you B.O. !! Where's my free car, free gas, free home...gimme , gimme, gimme, the Dims', chant for HOPE and CHANGE ! Stupid as anything !!

writing style Phakit Mann is very similar to someone else who was in the penalty box. Maybe you should focus more on your writing style. If you are the same, your account will be put in the penalty box for tossing around racial put downs too. Better pay attention.

I remember when Georgie Jr. stole the election in 2000. Hannity and BillO and El Rushbo all said to those on the left, "Get over it! It's done. Support Georgie or get out of the way!"

Well, all I can say at 1:28 pm EST is, "Grow up! Get over it!"

BTW, daddyg - is your screen name a reference to Gary U.S. Bonds and The Church Street Five, the house band that backed him on his early singles? Daddgy G was their saxophone player, and was an influence on Clarence Clemons of the E Street Band fame.

I wish my user name was that significant. I use a nickname given to me a long time ago when I was the oldest employee amongst a bunch of whipper snappers. If the other Daddy G was an influence on the big man, that's all right by me. Always like me some E Street, especially Professor Roy Bittan!

On this thread we have two of the most extreme racists in the area weighing in on the election: Mike Coon, the one-man email and phone vigilante force, and David Ben-Ariel, the man for whom "blog spam" is a divine calling.

I suppose the idea of a black man in the White House will bring about more than a few brain aneurysms and heart attacks among the neo-Nazis and Klan types today. So I urge Ben-Ariel and Coon to make sure that they take any cardio or hypertension medicines they have been prescribed, because this might just be a stressful day for the both of you.


Why are you shooting the messenger? Please focus on the message. That fraud and foreigner has failed to prove he's a natural born citizen. If that doesn't bother you, you've been Obamatized or cowed into silence by the PC fascists. Furthermore, I've read about and been to South Africa and Zimbabwe and know whereof I speak. They testify against US.

for sure...ALGORE ,couldn't even carry Tennessee,his HOME STATE, moron...if he could have done that...he wouldn't have had to 'cherry-pick',counties in Florida that have the highest welfare rates and lousiest schools!! Reminds one of Toledo ! Get over it loser...this fellow has to another school-indoctrinator, that have caused our schools to become in PERPETUAL CRISIS !! If you can read this, thank your parents, not a government,unionized,pedophile, teacher!


Calling me a pedophile now, eh? You are a strange little man, Mike Coon.

For the record, I am neither unionized nor pedophilial, though I do receive some government paychecks for part-time teaching at the college level. However, call me a pedophile to my face and I will have a clenched fist ready to smash your smirking skull, you idiotic moron.

Doubt me? Stalk me sometime, you twisted fool, a skill at which you are quite adept. Of course, we know your game, which is to stalk from a safe distance away via email or phone. Cowardy schmucks like you would wet themselves before actually confronting someone.

Have a nice day, anyhow, in spite of the fact that a black man is defiling your White House. I suppose I should have a little sympathy for the racist crowd on this, the darkest day of their lives. But I have to say this: I'll bet Barack and Michelle will have a happy marital night tonight in the White House, doing what married couples enjoy doing.

God, that must be driving y'all folks doing the grownup in the White House.

You liars on the left LIE about everything! Not surprising at all...delusional.demented, disgusting,degenerate.Cry me a river you whiny, socialist, bacteria. And you want someone to die that has blogged here? ! Yikes, you twinks are as brave as Slick Willy ,defending his MA...NOT !!

After your over-the-line pedophile insult, I decided that your asinine comments needed to be addressed. Keep it up, pal - I'll start making the screen-saver images to document your harassment.

Oh, before I forget - I know that you aren't too bright, but read up on the die spammer die and filthy spammers phenomena before you make idiotic accusations about me. This would be called a figurative expression by those Communist English teachers who are indoctrinating the minds of American students.

But hey, believe what you want to believe.

that is all leftists, cry , moan,and whine some fits you to a tee! Racists like you who 'project',your own racism onto others is typical of every radical America hating jackass, I have ever met.And, since you belong to the party who founded the Ku Klux Klan, it figures.Maybe if you socialist scum could answer a few questions without cry babying, you wouldn't have to threaten bloggers with death.Convoluted, you love killing baby's in the womb and yet, want murderers to spend 'life', in prison vs. DEATH !!?? Hmmm...sounds like when Nam vets came home and you spit on them,calling THEM, baby-killers, when it is YOU and your godless heathens on the left that love to KILL!! How do you think like such a fool? Apparently, it as easy as eating a banana! The Hoffman landfill is filled with your 'death', 55 million children KILLED, because of you and your killers on the left. And as a racist, you have killed a lot of minority children...feel good yet ?!

These individuals are not worth your time or energy. It's a lousy day for them. I'm sure seeing a person of color, let alone someone not on the extreme-right fringe, take the oath to the oval office is far more than they can bear. Have pity on them and allow them to flame themselves out and wear themselves down to little nubs.

How racist of you! Seeing a "person of color" take the oath (when he obviously shows contempt for the Constition by his failure to prove he's a legitimate, natural born citizen) mesmerizes you? When did you fail to realize everybody who took that oath is a person of color? WHITE IS A COLOR. And why aren't you color blind? Shame on you! And if you want to get technical, black is the absence of color!

And thanks for the reminder about time and energy, as well as the compassionate note toward our extremist fringe visitors.

I actually started the day tired of the inauguration coverage and hoopla, watching the swearing-in ceremony with an almost ho-hum attitude, but the vitriolic bile spewed here by by these two clowns now has me fired up.

And ready to go. Sorry - couldn't help it...


McCaskey and I probably don't agree on much, but we are in 100 percent agreement on this point. Responding to the fringe element just encourages them to post more.

You're too smart and have too much dignity to engage this individual in debate.

like you are as stupid as Toledo Blade 'journalists'.You , in between bites of fat, do not believe anything in the Blade. .And yet, when you read something about an American Patriot ,vs. a terrorist then... believe the Blade??! That is as stupid as anything the in 'perpetual crisis', school-indoctrinators ,put into convoluted thoughts here. GOD, you idiots are stupid.Were you born that way or, has your socialist blogger friends here,made you turn into such a bucket of vomit??!! Feel good now piggy ?

we probably agree on more things than you realize. Big picture things. Love of family things. Respect toward others things. Love of history things. I never have a problem with you personally. Sames goes for others on here with opposing political bent than myself. Just so you know...


my bad ;)

Absolutely agree with you. If I took politics personally, I'd have had a nervous breakdown during my Carty years.

I never choose my friends on based on their political beliefs. Life is dull if you surround yourself with like-minded people.

Tired , worn out socialist scum,have turned TPS( and Toledo), into horrible schools and, NOW, I fire you up??! How about getting at least 25 % of the kids you indoctrinate , to pass a test vs. 50% dropping out after they listen to complete America hating jackasses drone on about crap, kind of like YOU !!The compassion of liberals is all for themselves...self centered milksops who cannot teach , without kids streaming out of class out of BOREDOM, dotted with America hating socialist madness ! GOD, you scum are easy targets !

phukedinthehead,and it says, in crystal clear english:

"I am proof that there is a need to earn a license for fathering children"

and then ,send some money to B.O.'s, family residing in ghettos.People close to you must smell that feminine odor...BIG TIME !!

more worried about how I smell?

now why would you care, Coonie?

I to have tired of all the coverage today, that is why I'm on here, reading along on this topic(?) is really eye opening. Here I thought we had moved past all this. But apparently there are still small minded racists in the world. Thankfully all they can do these days is iratate bloggers.


I am shocked that this post made it past the spam filter. With all of those links I swear it would be tagged as spam. This must be God's will huh?

After all, Obama promised to stroll into Afghanistan and knock on Osama Bin Ladins cave door to kill him since "we all know where Osama is hiding".

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

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