Sphinx Organization isn't Racist?

Re: Sphinx Organization discriminates against white children

I appreciate Margaret A. Cassetto, Manager of Corporate Partnerships, for promptly responding to my legitimate concerns about the racist nature of the Sphinx Organization - the only one to do so out of the many who I contacted:

Subject: "Diversity" music program is off color and off key
Date: Oct 6, 2008
I would like to clarify your misconception that the Sphinx Organization's programs are exclusively for Blacks and Latinos. The only program for which Black or Latino heritage is requisite is the Sphinx Competition for young Black and Latino string players. This represents only a small portion of the people served by the organization. (The competiiton awards 18 semi-finalists annually.) The hundreds upon hundreds of young people who benefit from free and low-cost music education and exposure to classical music are of all races and ethnicities. Young people from all backgrounds participate in Sphinx's full-scholarship summer music academy and weekend music institute. Likewise, when Sphinx artists visit schools across the country, it is a diverse audience of students who benefit from educational residencies and workshops.
Straight from the mouth of the Sphinx:

Sphinx Organization isn't Racist?

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I recommend just ignoring David Ben-Ariel's drivel, as engaging in debate with him is only an exercise in how he possesses God's Truth, while anyone who disagrees with him is either: a) blind to his revealed prophecy; or b) an agent of Satan.


Submitted by historymike on Tue, 2008-12-23 13:51.
I recommend just ignoring David Ben-Ariel's drivel, as engaging in debate with him is only an exercise in how he possesses God's Truth, while anyone who disagrees with him is either: a) blind to his revealed prophecy; or b) an agent of Satan.

Intrepretation: I can't refute anything he says

Isn't it revealing that instead of agreeing reverse discrimination is wrong, that it's the new institutionalized racism against people of white color, the law of the land, Mike attacks me, engages in diversionary tactics, and turns a blind eye to the racist Sphinx Organization's discrimination against children of white color. The old shoot the messenger, but if this were about discrimination against children of darker colors, I'm sure he would be up in arms and smug about it. Sad.


Real interpretation: Debating David/Carl is much akin to urinating against a strong wind

I'm seeing the uselessness in debating an uninformed, illogical, uneducated, closed minded individual.

That'll be it for me on anything Carl Ben Narrow-Minded has to say!

It's Ben Real, Ben

It's so obvious to any honest and objective observer that folks are FAILING to address the issue of the Sphinx Organization's racism against white children, people of color, and instead continue to shoot the messenger. I'm still alive, and so is black racism and self-hating whites who are afraid to condemn it.


Shame on you Mike! Apparently you are comfortable with blatant and racist discrimination against children of white color, although you strangely have your site overflowing with sites that monitor "hate" and "prejudice" against non-whites.

Mike, it appears you really are a self-hating white person, a racist against whites, a useful idiot for racist organizations like the Sphinx Organization that abuses tax-dollars while engaging in discriminatory practices. When will you end your glaring double standards and hateful hypocrisy?


As I've been told on occasion You've got to pick your battles, and I am seeing that trying to reason with Carl/David is a lost cause. Questions are answered with question, and some with mindless, disconnected drivel.

Madjack, BrianVero, historymike and chris: while this board of for sharing ideas and debate, here is one guy - Carl/david that is so closed minded that attempting to ask questions or enter an intelligent, informative debate is about as productive as tits on a bull.

David/carl apparently thrives on flaming - lives to anger others, and why would any of the rest of us intelligent, educated individuals want to go along with his mindless drivel is beyond me.

Let's not tell Carl/David that we're ending our battles with his nonsense. Let's just tell him we've had an 'epiphany' and we agree 100% with the crap he's putting out there and be done with him.

I for one am not going to debate this fool anymore, nor am I going to read any of his posts! I wash my hands of his crap.

carl-david ben something: Hey, you're right, dude-wad! After a night of thinking, I'm in complete agreement with you! Damn them anit-white suckers! Send all those types back to their homeland but sink the boat in the middle of the ocean!

I wish I could join your forces David Ben Carl, but my employer has transferred me to the tiny Aleutian Island of Gofugyerself, and it apparently has no internet service, so I'll be unable to use my computer for the next several millennia. Good luck to ya boy!

It's apparent to every honest and ojective observer, too many are shying away from addressing the issue of racism against white people the Sphinx Organization is guilty of. Why turn a blind eye to the racism, discrimination and hate when it's directed against white folks? Especially against innocent children of white color who don't deserve to be discriminated against by the Sphinx Organization.

Don't shoot the messenger. FOCUS ON THE MESSAGE: the Sphinx Organization - at taxpayers' expense - practices discrimination and racism.


Re: "Sphinx Organization discriminates against white children...":

Have you ever heard the saying "a man who believes his own press?" that's Aaron Dworkin in a nutshell, especially since he has that old-boys network of self-admitted "old white guys" at DPTV blowing as much smoke and sunshine as they can while obfuscating the real fact - Sphinx/DPTV do not engage in color-blind anything - it's all about nepotism and favorites.

As long as people continue to act like both organizations are all about "bringing culture to Detroit", we will continue to have this mess.

Sphinx is nothing but a soapbox for Dworkin, (ever since he won a Pulitzer) and DPTV is nothing but a commercial entity disguised as "public programming" while it continues to pay big-ass 6 figure salaries to none other then a bunch of middle-aged white men.

-an irritated Detroiter

This is taken from Mike's site - the same Mike who turns a blind eye to hateful discrimination against children of white color by the racist Sphinx Organization.

Sites Monitoring Hate Groups
Citizens Against Hate
Eye On Hate
MinuteKlan News Watch
Nikki's Nest
One People's Project
Southern Poverty Law Center

WHAT HYPOCRITES! Stinks to High Heaven.


Got time for an IP comparison on "Carl" and David Ben-Ariel? Curious minds are dying to know if this is sock puppetry.


I don't play the games you foolishly insinuate, but it's very revealing how you fail to address the issue I've dared to raise: BLACK RACISM AGAINST WHITES.

Why is that? Reverse discrimination is acceptable to you? Shame.



Don't know David's. He can find out at www.whatsmyip.com

Now what's yours historymike/graphicsguy?

Whether I was playing the foolish games some vainly imagine or not, it is irrelevant to the issue this thread is SUPPOSED to be about: the racist Sphinx Organization. Why is it folks are afraid to condemn its racism? Or at least question its practice of discrimination against children of white color.

Perhaps I should have been clever and presented this issue as if it were racism against blacks, discrimination against children of black color, and I'm sure the PC righteous would have come storming in with their denunciations!

I did try to find out what my IP is, although it's irrelevant, but couldn't figure it out. Oy veh.


I'm David and Carl is Carl, but it's true that great minds think alike! Apparently the opposite is true too, since so many have failed to address honest concerns and legitimate issues surrounding the racist Sphinx Organization. Dumbed down? Intimidated by PC fascists? Fear of being called a "racist" for being a realist?


Yeah, I know, David: those damned Hispanics and African-Americans at Sphinx are really busy trying to keep whitey down. I don't know how you can handle such oppression, dude. Good thing you are part of God's Favorites - I'll bet Sphinx is the first group to get fire and brimstone (or German nukes) rained down on them.


Are you not only aiding and abetting the Sphinx Organization's racism by turning a blind eye to it, but attacking those who dare to expose their hypocrisy? What's wrong with you?


I notice you didn't use inappropriate terms for Hispanics and African-Americans but have no qualms about taking cheap shots against white people. Mike, your hypocrisy is terrible! Are you trying to atone for "white guilt" or something? (An indicting phrase coined by a proper Black Conservative man, Mr. Shelby).

Prove you're against ALL discrimination, since your site would have folks imagine you such a paragon of virtue (with all those hate monitoring sites), and contact the Sphinx Organization to express your concerns about them having even the appearance of such evil.


I don't have to "prove" anything, David, except perhaps my sanity, which might be called into question for even wasting time corresponding with the likes of you. Nice try, though, in attempting to bait me into a flame war.


Regardless of your apparent racism against people of white color, whether due to "white guilt" or indoctrination by the PC cultists, please try to think outside your box, don't be so narrow minded, and learn to stop the hate and end discrimination - even against white people.


he pops off about calling me a bigot and missed this thread altogether? lol

this is hilarious to read.

but sad to see people believe in this crap.

BTW - this is not the first time that DB-A and sock puppet supporters have been called into question. Consider the rhetorical similarities between "Carl" on this board and 'Specter" on this thread David Ben-Ariel wrote to condemn interracial marriage.

Also look at how "Carl" and DB-A both make use of boldfaced font in the same ways in this very same thread at Swampbubbles.


LaughingRush would say, "You're too smart by half" I'd just say you're pretty damn stupid.


Agreed there - I am far from the brightest bulb in the box, and many days it is a struggle to find my parked car. Thanks for playing, though, Carl/David.


You're welcome graphics guy

Whatever Mike is, despite his tangents, he appears to be afraid to face his hypocrisy, his typical double standards, and condemn the reverse discrimination the Sphinx Organization engages in against people of white color.

Let's hope Mike, and others cowed by the PC fascists, overcome such fears and take a stand for ALL peoples, and stop being so selective. "We shall overcome".

Maybe Mike will lead a protest outside the Sphinx Organization's headquarters in Detroit to prove his repentance, holding a sign "STOP THE HATE!" in one hand, and in the other "END DISCRIMINATION!" How about it, Mike?


Carl Ben Hypocritical said: ...you're pretty damn stupid."

Wow! With as little as I know about the bible, the phrase "Judge not, that you be not judged." came to mind!

And, with that, I think it prudent that the 'moderator' of this board restrict the hate literature that David/Carl is attempting to disseminate. Many - if not all - of the past comments from this individual are well into the realm of 'Hate Literature' and by law, are NOT protected by 'Free Speech' on an 'open' discussion board. Had I have been the moderator, this individual, as well as the crap he's throwing out there, would have NEVER made it to the 'airwaves'.

Absolutely no conection there. GG has been a member here for many months, unlike "Carl," who mysteriously appeared as a dedicated supporter of DB-A minutes after the Germany nukes post. Anyone who visits this site regularly knows who GraphicsGuy is, and as for me - I don't play sock puppet games.

Of course, in your delusional mind, you probably believe your own bullshit, but the regulars at Swampbubbles know that I am a straight-up, no-nonsense poster who posts quality material and participates in (mostly) meaningful discussions.

Except this one.


"Diversity" music program is off color and off key

Sphinx Organization aims to showcase African-American and Latin musicians (from The Blade)


I thought we were all supposed to be color blind? Regardless of how one chooses to color or camouflage it, this "diversity" music program represents racism. Once again other races clearly feel free to discriminate against white people and folks just accept it, having been brainwashed by the politically correct cultists to think nothing of it unless it is for or about whites. From what I've read, this "diversity" program is off color and off key, and I certainly hope it doesn't receive any taxpayer assistance since it excludes white children. [I've since discovered it does and/or has received taxpayer assistance, so it's really egregious that white people are supporting discrimination against white people!]


Again, graphicsmike you're too smart by half. Did you ever stop to think that I became a member to post on a particular thread? EVERYONE becomes a member at SOME particular point and then posts soon after.

David is right. I let myself get distracted by the stupid diversions you put out when you don't want to deal with the death of one of your idea babies.

Sometimes it's fun though to watch how hard you struggle though your hypocrisy is apparent to all

just know I'm cracking up at this ignorance you two are preaching.

Do you think you're sending a message or something?

Bet it just pisses you off that a black woman that used to work in NASCAR was awarded under $225 million she filed in a lawsuit concerning being discriminated against because of narrow-minded dolts such as yourselves.

Your values cost big companies money. LOL

If you're looking for legitimacy, try running for President.

Clearly those who FAIL to address the issue of reverse discrimination, who are comfortable with discrimination as long as it isn't against non-whites, shamefully choose to look the other way. Don't they know such HATE and DISCRIMINATION and RACISM hurts us all? Not just the innocent children of white color the racist Sphinx Organization discriminates against.


flap flap type type flap blah blah

that's how much sense you make, just so you know.

but I guess one must have a moment to care more than to post this reply to your delusions lol

but that moment has fled....

The Cleveland Orchestra, in its lofty perch in University Circle, far from the problems of the city center, began a period of soul-searching a number of years ago, setting up a task force on community relations. It heard complaints loud and quiet, like the one from a black woman who had held season tickets for 25 years but threatened to cancel because she was tired of waiting for the orchestra to add a third black musician...

...This reporter's own recent survey of 16 leading orchestras, employing 1,608 players in all, turned up 30 blacks (1.9 percent) and 27 Latinos (1.7 percent). Although all 16 orchestras registered in at least one category, two have no blacks (Chicago Symphony, San Francisco Symphony), and four have no Latinos (New York Philharmonic, Detroit Symphony, Dallas Symphony, Houston Symphony).

Read more at:

Many folks value diversity in groups (I would argue that diversity is very important to the survival and functioning of organizations, particularly in this global world). It's obvious that, for a number of reasons, the representation of minorities in orchestras is pretty anemic. Many feel that it is important to increase the types of folks that are going into orchestral music, and this is one strategy for doing that. And this should be a drop in the bucket, frankly, particularly as music programs have been long-absent in schools with kids from lower SES groups (ie many african-americans and hispanics), reducing the critical early-exposure necessary for producing world-class musicians.

Don't you agree the same arguments were made by those who were opposed to "civil right" and such? You can't have it both ways.


I am not following your logic train here. Which arguments - mine or the "a little discrimination is acceptable" argument you put forth? I would say that people who were opposed to civil rights movements probably weren't OK with people saying that we need to go through extra efforts to afford opportunities to minorities, as the Sphinx organization does. Who's trying to have it both ways?

It appeared you were justifying the racist Sphinx Organization's practice of discrimination against children of white color, due to demands for "diversity." The Sphinx Organization acknowledged "only" one program excludes whites, and so I'm asking if you feel that "a little discrimination" is acceptable? I'm saying that those "civil rights" people who are supposedly for equal rights should understand that diversity shouldn't be at anybody's expense, since that is racist and discriminatory. Clearly they are trying to have it both ways. Do two wrongs make a right? Do you agree with the racist Sphinx Organization's practice of discrimination against whites?


Reminds me of the incident several years ago, perhaps I can find it (from The Blade, not one of my great blogs some are bigoted against), where various Blacks were agitating we "need" more Black firemen.

When the fire department attempted to recruit more Blacks, they confessed few were interested, others failed the drug tests, the background checks, and even with the unfair practice of ADDING POINTS to their test scores because they're Black (going by color of skin, not content of character or qualifications!) they weren't making the grade!

The Sphinx Organization's discriminatory practice against children of white color, is very racist in its assumptions that all white children have rich parents, that all white families listen to classical music, etc.

END THE DISCRIMINATION! Let the racist Sphinx Organization stop receiving taxpayers' hard earned money to fund their programs, especially when most of that money comes from white people who are being forced to support discrimination against white people! Where are the masses of black ministers (white ones are too cowardly to speak out, fearful of the PC fascists branding them "racists") to condemn this hate? this discrimination? this racism that they say black folks have suffered from ,and should understand how even just a "little" racism, discrimination, hate, goes a long way.

Bottom line:
Let the racist Sphinx Organization favor Blacks and Hispanics, if they please, but stop doing it with taxpayers' money and pretending they're promoting "diversity" when they're purposely excluding children of white color! Hypocrites!


"one of my great blogs some are bigoted against" - OK, you may assume that your blogs are great, that is your prerogative, but because people don't like what you have to say they are bigoted against you?

"condemn this hate"? You are saying that an organization that looks to afford wonderful opportunities to many who would not normally have that chance is hateful?

""The Sphinx Organization's discriminatory practice against children of white color, is very racist in its assumptions that all white children have rich parents, that all white families listen to classical music, etc."" I don't see anywhere on their pages that makes these claims - these are all assumptions that you are making.

How do you not actively promote diversity and engage in somewhat discriminatory practices? You have too, to some degree.

It seems you are so focused on the fact that white children cannot participate that you will not expand to see a larger picture. It may not be fair on one level, absolutely, but perhaps on so many other levels life has been unfair for many others of different cultural upbringing. Perhaps one that includes the massive amounts of discrimination that has gone into and continues to go into many minority cultures, either by virtue of birth, lack of opportunities, lack of economic stability, whatever.

You use PC as a shield quite a bit. You insinuate that people disagree with you because of PC-ness, not because some may feel that you state very vitriolic things - wrong not because they are politically incorrect, but because some find them absolutely abhorrent.

Wombat - simply put, you're wasting your time trying to debate with ben-carl!

He has all the answers. He knows the truth. He knows what's right and what's wrong. If you disagree with him, will be labeled 'woefully ignorant, stubborn sheeple' along with the rest of us that have attempted intelligent discourse with David Ben-Carl.

Do yourself, the bandwidth and Chris' server a BIG favor and DO NOT try to debate with this self-proclaimed 'prophet'! Just treat him like the disease he is and ignore him.



That's great GraphicsMike.


You WANT to believe there is only ONE who believes in our Israelite Identity and is calling for a RETURN to the Faith Once Delivered here in Toledo Ohio (I is from SE Michigan-but listen to WSPD)

I see you have now answered my question and have exposed the ugly truth, the horrible hypocrisy of so many who talk about "equal rights" and "civil rights" and turn a blind eye or vainly attempt to justify reverse discrimnation with your appalling and indicting comment: How do you not actively promote diversity and engage in somewhat discriminatory practices? You have too, to some degree.

Yes, I condemn the hate, using the language of the hypocrites, of the racist Sphinx Organization's discrimination against children of white color - not their other programs that properly assist folks who might otherwise not have a chance, but not at white children's expense. Why do you fail to condemn such hate, such discrimination, such racism?


these topics are under watch. I am beginning to see how you work in creating a bunch of blogs, linking back to all the different ones giving the appearance of many sources. You are walking a fine line, but if it gets crossed, I will put your posts under close supervision.

So what? Why should some be bigotted against my blogs? Would they prefer to read an article about Germany or the pagan origins of Christmas or the hypocrisy and double standards of racist liberals elsewhere? How does that change THE FACTS? Will it make the plain truth they hate easier to handle? I would hope folks would learn to focus on the message and stop getting hung up on the messenger. Is maturity too much to expect?

Is there any intellectual honesty here, except for among a few? Some should be downright embarrassed at their miserable failure to address the issues, to face reality, to honestly debate or reason.


crossed the line but you are walking on it. The focus of the site is Northwest Ohio issues so we are expecting most topics realated to Northwest Ohio, not to create sources for you to link on other sites. I do expect you to bring things back to what affects us locally soon. And please do not put your links first in the story. I will move them to the bottom if you do not.

When I first read your comment it didn't occur to me what you were insinuating, that I was deceptively using many blogs to attempt to look like many different sources, but that simply is not true and is ridiculous since my "cover" would be blown by the fact that my picture and book are on each blog!

I have different blogs with different focus, sometimes sharing the same material, for search engine reasons. Even Mike could tell you that. ;-)


The issues are thus, in summary:

1. You are indeed a racist buffoon.
2. You use the Bible in a pathetic manner to try and justify your racism. I'll bet Christ will be mighty pissed when your racist ass shows up at the Final Judgment.
3. You engage in sock puppetry in an effort to create a consensus where none exists.
4. As far as Sphinx, more power to them. I should think that a group that exposes minority children to one of the bastions of the white European culture you worship - namely, classical music - would be a good thing. However, the burden of proof is on YOU to prove the supposed reverse discrimination - where are the white children who have been denied participation in these programs? You claim reverse discrimination, but you do not demonstrate that it exists with Sphinx - just because this is an outreach program does not mean that there is reverse discrimination.
5. Finally, I'm beginning to suspect that your sole purposes here are just self-promotion and annoying other people, and in both endeavors you succeed on many counts. You do not try to have a conversation, but instead whine when people do not embrace your extremist views. You'd be better off hanging out at StormFront or some other white supremacist site, where at least you would find some kindred spirits in racism.



and yet you hypocritically list all those sites against "hate" and "discrimination" and "racism." I thought you said you weren't a flaming liberal?

I haven't proven the discriminatory practice against children of white color? How did you fail to miss this?

Margaret A. Cassetto, Manager of Corporate Partnerships
Subject: "Diversity" music program is off color and off key
Date: Oct 6, 2008
I would like to clarify your misconception that the Sphinx Organization's programs are exclusively for Blacks and Latinos. The only program for which Black or Latino heritage is requisite is the Sphinx Competition for young Black and Latino string players. This represents only a small portion of the people served by the organization.

Apparently, since it's "only" a little discrimination, it's only a "requisite" to be Black or Latino for a particular program, it's acceptable, especially since it's against white people and not minorities. Requisite, prerequisite, profiling, prejudice...

FYI I don't "worship" European culture, but unlike others who are dishonest, I have no qualms about acknowledging it as superior to African culture. After all, the Sphinx Organization isn't promoting primitive music, are they?


If I were the hateful racist you imagine me to be, I wouldn't applaud the efforts of the Sphinx Organization except in this one regard where they have blemished their reputation and stained their character.

Instead of knee-jerk responses about Stormfront, if you weren't an apparent self-hating white person, or a flaming liberal with atrocious double standards who screams bloody murder about discrimination as long as it isn't directed against white people, you wouldn't consider my calls for the Sphinx Organization to correct itself as an "extremist view."

Are you in denial that there are black racists? Listened to any Farrakhan or Wright sermons lately? Been to any NAACP meetings? Watch the Miss Black America competition? Stormfront has its share of real or imagined white racists (I'm not welcome there), but their racism is their own - unlike the institutionalized racism of reverse discrimination, "affirmative action," and other evil forms of exploited "white guilt."



The only thing I am certain of in this thread is that I have wasted probably 30 minutes of my valuable time engaging in debate with a possibly delusional racist who twists the Bible to fit his warped ideas about ethnic groups.

Have a good day, sir.


Also, as a common courtesy, David: be sure to close your boldface and/or italics quotes, or else subsequent posts (like these last two of mine) get jacked up with unintended font modifications.



You haven't debated anything but created plenty of distractions.

You've miserably failed to address the issue of the fly in the ointment of the Sphinx Organization, although your website smugly has "hate monitoring" websites posted, as if you care - and apparently you do as long as it's not against white people.

One good thing from your hypocrisy, your posted "hate monitoring" websites, is this:

Why is it difficult, apparently impossible, for some to condemn hatred, discrimination, and racism - when it's directed against people of white color? I'm sad to report those liberals who bask in the limelight, those who are the alleged vanguard against these things (as long as they apply to non-whites), clearly exercise double standards and indulge in a rank hypocrisy that stinks to High Heaven! They've only confirmed what I already knew, but had sincerely hoped to be proven wrong: MILITANT MINORITIES have a dream: supremacy. They only clamor for "equality" as a stepping-stone for their real goal: replacing those in the positions of power with their own kind.

This indicative email exchange explains what I'm talking about. It was between Daryle Lamont Jenkins, of One Peoples Project, and myself, David Ben-Ariel, author of Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall.

Hatred, discrimination, racism - against whites


Bold is easier to read. closed it here to see if I can "close his fonts.:" Seems possible. We'll see.

GraphicsMike/HistoryGuy, if he twists the Bible (as I do), it ought to be pretty easy for you to expose the error in his thinking. I haven't seen you do that yet. I expect we won't either. I prophesy you'll say you're not going to "waste" any more time. We'll see.

I just discovered it's easier to do than complain about it!

I didn't realize I hadn't closed my fonts or whatever. Oops! Sorry chaps.


Didn't know it could be done, David.


You're welcome GraphicsGuy

I know you think you're being cute and all, but should you continue to insist HistoryMike and GraphicGuy are the same person, your "credibility" may be called into question.

I'm just a lowly white guy that thinks your agenda sucks, but even I'm intelligent enough, just based on the content of the postings, that they are two seperate entities.

Try looking deeper than the hate, k?

If I is always refered to as some variation of ben-carl or "carl" in quotes, or some other such nonsense, I will refer to the to greatest offenders as graphicsmike and historyguy. I will be as credibe as you helen/brian in st petersburgFL

Brian - has he found out about you going 'drag' on Saturday nights? Oh my! It won't be long before he finds out about my 'fishnet weekends' in Hollyweird!


(Oh, and 'Guilty as Charged', David Ben Lying. I think Mike will plead 'Not Guilty)

'HistoryGraphics' here....errr...maybe that was 'GuyMike'.....ahh....'HistoryGuy' ....jeezzz...

Brian - It doesn't bother me and I suspect Michael doesn't care that he's twisting the 2 together. After someone suspected David & Carl are one in the same, I referred to him as 'David Ben Carl' and now he's just doing the same.

As they say, "Imitation is the best form of flattery."

As to Carl Ben David's 'credibility'? Posting under 2 identities while supposedly 'Spreading The Truth In The Name Of God' is, well, kind of a dichotomy I'd say. The "fool me once..." saying comes to mind.

And that's one reason I quit debating this fool! Now, I just read his posts and laugh! The humor goes well with my morning coffee and cigarette!

I wonder who else I'm posting as.

Maybe Carl-David can tell me.



As this thread sadly proves, reverse discrimination and twisted apologists for it are clearly local and not just national and international issues.

The Christmas controvery also affects our region.

The politico-religious threat of a German-dominated Europe will not spare Toledo.

Except for a relatively precious few responses I've seen, it doesn't appear I will frequent this site much longer as it sadly seems to be more of a playground with juveniles, a mob mentality of folks who appear to have no intellectual honesty whatsoever, who engage in every diversionary tactic, build every strawman, etc. than mature adults who know how to properly debate and agree to disagree when necessary.


I just ran my "How Much Do I Care®" meter across your postings again and the meter is still not registering anything.

There's yer clue.

David Ben-Ariel:
"....it doesn't appear I will frequent this site much longer..."

While this would be a refreshing change from the recentspamfest/extremist hate-mongering of David Ben-Ariel, I suspect that D B-A will continue to flood these boards with his irrational version of millenialist racism.

Expect a corresponding decline in the readership of the site when every third post turns out to be some delusional D B-A rehash of some crusty rant from one of his dozens of blogs.


David, you're trying to make a case for reverse discrimination. Let me pose this to you.

How has reverse discrimination personally affected your life? Please give specific examples where that is the ONLY possible cause.

I have no doubt that racism and reverse racism exist but I don't see them as being as prevalent as someone like you or purnht believe they are. The biggest problem I see in this world is classism which infects every race and every side of our society.



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