A little known blogger

 A little known blogger

Re: Is David Ben-Ariel a Terrorist?

"a little known blogger"
Do terrorists get on their computers and link to their own advertiser driven blogs in every post?

I confess that I am a man of many blogs, "a little known blogger" (as Gerald Flurry's hostile ad describes me), but I am driven, I am energized, I am motivated - not by profits, but by the Law and the Prophets, and the Writings and the Gospel, Acts and by Revelation: my godly agenda is to dare to share the plain truth of the Bible and history, as an e-vangelist reaching the Internet world.

I'm sure my detractors, who hate my presence "all over the Internet," as they often bitterly complain, would strongly disagree that I am "a little known blogger." LOL. And, God knows, I've only just begun!

Apparently, Stephen Flurry has gotten too big for his britches and has foolishly forgotten the humble beginnings of the Philadelphia Church of God, when the leadership of the Worldwide Church of God mocked they wouldn't last 5 months and were "a peanut shell on a big ocean going nowhere," and refused to even acknowledge or read Gerald Flurry's book! (Peanut Shell) Much like the PCG has treated me and Beyond Babylon!

All this reminds me of an earlier encounter with Stephen Flurry's haughty attitude in 2001, unlike their hostile ad misled we allegedly only had some "communications" in the early 90s when I've had plenty of communications with many of their ministers over the years: Response by Stephen Flurry to Judean Voice ad

Those who read that blunt correspondence between Stephen Flurry and myself, will see that I have remained consistent and persistent in my constructive criticism of the Philadelphia Church of God, and in doing all that I can, with what I've been given.

This was written in 2005:

Now living in East Toledo, Ben-Ariel sends his views to the world via two web sites and numerous internet forums. Google his name and you’ll get 4,860 references. David’s been a very busy man. And now he’s written a book called Beyond Babylon; Europe’s Rise and Fall. He calls the book, “God’s final warning before the German blitzkrieg begins.”

East Toledoan calls his book, Beyond Babylon, God’s final warning

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A terrorist, no. A racist loon, yes.


I confess I am as "racist" as the ethnocentric Bible - with its focus on the family of Jacob - teaches me to be, but I'm only a "loon" to those who refuse to face reality. I'm a realist. That disturbs those who choose to remain in denial.


Right - so we should return to slavery, since there are Biblical passages that support it, or we should kill blasphemers and those who do not listen to prophets because these are verses that call for these things?

BTW - if you want to be less of a "little known blogger," quit creating a new blog every time you have a new thought. Stick with one blog and make it a work of quality. Also - your tendency to repost your articles on every single blog not only makes them lose their focus, but kills your Google page rank, since you get penalized for duplicate material. A quick scan of a few of your sites showed a bunch a Google zeroes, meaning these blogs are at the bottom of search engine results. All your maniacal work gets buried with this strategy of dozens of blogs.

Just a thought from a "race traitor" who is in denial about David-Ben Ariel's chosen northern European "race."


Those who rightly divide the Word of truth, know and understand biblical slavery, that which was sanctioned, isn't the same as what is still practiced in many Nazi-Muslim countries; and the Bible doesn't support vigilantes going after "blasphemers," etc.

Many of our American laws are biblically based, thankfully. It's possible to glean from biblical principles and apply them as we await the perfect theocracy that will be established when Yeshua, the King of the Jews, the King of Israel, returns and reigns from Jerusalem.

And why are you blathering about "race traitor" and against the "chosen northern European 'race'"? Are you a self-hating white person or antisemitic against Joes, against British-Israelites? A cursory Bible study would reveal to you what "chosen" means and why the Twelve Tribes of Israel have been chosen and for what and how we've presently failed but will ultimately fulfill our God-given mission.

"Maniacal work"? What prejudicial language! My dedication and zeal for this work, this labor of love, is driven by the understanding that my purpose is to share the plain truth of the Bible and history, regardless of Google ratings (which some of mine aren't so bad, actually, and the new ones haven't been rated yet). Many of my articles, on a wide variety of subjects, come up when googled. Thank you for your suggestions, anyway.


Ok Chris, get the net.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Those who cannot debate, defame; cannot refute, ridicule.


Internet Terrorist on this board is me. :)

There is a reason David is a little know blogger. I have come across his site multiple times over the last year or two, but have found nothing really interesting to post. David, maybe if you branch out into other topics other than white supremacy, maybe you will become a little better known.

I"m not a "little known blogger" except to Stephen Flurry, who meant it in his father's full page ad in The Oklahoman (and The Edmond Sun) as a slam.

Mr. Flurry was miffed that this "little known blogger" knew about the FOX 25 News at Nine Special Report on the Philadelphia Church of God before he did: a self-important man in what many would consider to be a cult.

I have quoted Abraham Lincoln about "white supremacy," without apology, but as my blogs and website prove, I definitely write on a wide variety of subjects other than race (although it's timely):

Third Temple
Lost Tribes
Gospel of the Kingdom
Church of God
Herbert W. Armstrong
World News
God and the Gays


Aren't you a little late on this?

I'm not late, but Herbert W. Armstrong was ahead of his time. I'm simply part of the early warning system to alert folks to the German-dominated EU, under Jesuit influence, and the threat they pose to world peace.

Churchill, Jabotinsky, others, attempted to warn folks about Hitler's intentions then. This is now and Germany is at it again, although they mask it behind the EU.

They say history repeats itself because nobody listened the first time. Is anybody listening now?


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