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Obama fails to come clean about his birth certificate

Regardless of how often Obama's puppets attempt to play the American people for fools, repeating the big lie that Barack Hussein Obama's aides posted his birth certificate, a COLB is not a long form birth certificate! Such efforts to mislead have been exposed.

Black on White Violence and Debunking Popular Myths of Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King

The next time the bleeding heart liberals and other dangerously misguided souls attempt to exploit emotion and put the "civil rights movement" (Communist agitation intent on destroying white civilization) on a pedestal, with calculated pictures that portray Negroes as innocent victims, remember the indicting and honest pictures of the many black riots, black looting and black destruction of inner cities and schools (all made possible by desegregation); remember black on white violence; O.J.

Senators Voinovich & Brown to question Obama's eligibility?

A Republican senator is suggesting the dispute over Barack Obama's eligibility to be president be resolved in court. Read the latest now on WND.com.

Obama's driven to destroy America

Have you heard?

Recently I told someone that my doctor said I was definitely in "decline" (I have AIDS).

Beware the browning of America

Arizona is a great state to visit!

I've just returned from out West, including the great state of Arizona with its Grand Canyon - one of the seven natural wonders of the world! See it for yourself and agree.

Grand Canyon

Beware the incompetent AT&T Midwest!

Over two years ago I unfortunately dealt with AT&T Midwest. Originally I foolishly gave them permission to automatically withdraw from my bank account. Then I decided against it and both informed them by their computer form/website to stop such withdrawals and that I would send them a check, as well as talking to too many of their AT&T Midwest people on the phone.

Foreign Invasion

Stand Up for Arizona
By Patrick J. Buchanan

The first "Where's the Birth Certificate" in Toledo, Ohio makes its debut!

"Where's the Birth Certificate?"

"Where's the Birth Certificate?"

Lt. Col. Terry Lakin is the highest-ranking and first active-duty officer to refuse to obey orders

Epitaph for America?

America is under a curse and those who treacherously voted for that fraud and foreigner are helping to make Marxist Jeremiah Wright’s wish come true that God damn America. Shame! -
Black Day in America: Obama Wins, America Loses

2 Kings 17

Does your Church honor the goddess Easter?

"Why do you perpetuate pagan fertility symbols of rabbits and eggs and don't have anything for Passover? No little lambs, nothing. John the Baptist called Jesus the 'Lamb of God' - not the Easter bunny!" - so I wrote a popular family restaurant about their country store (see The Big Lie of Easter).

Pagan fertility symbols of rabbits and eggs...

Census 2010

The 2010 Census:

Reject this Big Bully intrusion and return your census envelope with your question for them:



Where is the Toledo City Budget listed?

IF the City of Toledo truly wants legitmate input on the budget, why don't they have the budget listed in detail somewhere? I can't find it. Everything that could be privatized should be (like garbage) and if we're paying for any racist "affirmative action" programs they should be trashed immediately. (Perlean Griffin represents such abuse and waste ).

I don't believe the city is serious about public input on the budget when apparently they've FAILED or fear to post the budget in detail so we can go by it line by line.

Attitude is everything!

We went into slavery a piece of property; we came out American citizens. We went into slavery pagans; we came out Christians. We went into slavery without a language; we came out speaking the proud Anglo-Saxon tongue. We went into slavery with slave chains clanking about our wrists; we came out with the American ballot in our hands.
- Booker T. Washington

Will blacks destroy Franklin Park?

Will blacks destroy Franklin Park?

Scuffles at Westfield Franklin Park Mall result in arrest of 6 teenagers

Toledo police arrested at least six teenagers Saturday night at Westfield Franklin Park after responding to reports of fights erupting throughout the mall.

Does Toledo Mayor Mike Bell pander to blacks and reward race hustlers?

...the controversial payouts to two former city employees who claimed they were fired illegally by former Mayor Carty Finkbeiner were not settled last night.

Council put off for at least two more weeks voting to approve $300,000 for Dwayne Morehead, former co-executive director of the city's youth commission, and $150,000 for Perlean Griffin, formerly director of the Office of Affirmative Action.

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