McWade the Crime Dog!!!!

Wade, our County Treasurer, has now joined the forces against reducing the size of Toledo City Council. His editorial raises some interesting questions:

1. He states that a crime is in progress and it's up for us to stop it. Wade, how is it you report this "crime" and you failed to report McCloskey's envelope containing hundreds of dollars in 2002? You only fessed up to the FBI when questioned four years later!!

2. He talks about politicians taking away the people's voices. Wade, you are a politician. Your employee, a political appointee, is the Treasurer of the opposition PAC. You are not credible at all. All the Democratic politicians are against this for parochial, self-interested reasons. Save us the BS. That's why the people are tired of Toledo politicians like yourself.

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He should run again. He's the type of candidate the bland endorses.


Go back and hide like Aunt Marcy.

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