Newest DCCC Election Strategy

Apparently the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, after getting annihilated in 2010, is employing a new strategy for the upcoming elections in November.

Behaving like parasitic* paparazzi from TMZ...

Democrats reduced to hiding in bushes, posting creepy stalker videos

As noted in both articles, the filming of candidates is really nothing new in the political arena. But hanging out in bushes around someone's home and taking videos as if you were casing the joint may just be a bridge too far. Though I guess it should come as no surprise that this has approval of the same party whose supporters (alledgedly) vandalize cars in the middle of the night and then take shots at the homeowner when coming outside to investigate.

*I guess being a parasite really isn't anything new since we're talking about the same people who want incentivize sloth.

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That's funny, in the suburb next to mine someone from the IBEDoubleya vandalized a local business owner's vehicle then shot at him. But the police union & FBI couldn't figure out who dun it.

Shades of Stalin,Hitler,Mao,Chavez,Pol-Pot,Ortega,Kim, & etc., still remain in the most criminal political party of the World...the same political party that created the Ku Klux Klan, the same political party that all Mohammadden killers residing in America are registered to, and the same one that has ruined every American city here, and is also the same one with the most America hating constituents in it....the Democrats !

Surprised ? Not eyes are open !

This is nothing more than a move of desperation. The Dems know they don't have the high ground and are now shooting at anything that moves.


former dictators of Libya, Iran, Iraq, and currently, in Syria, before their timely demise !

Therefore, expect a scorched Earth agenda by these same fellow travelers in the horrid World, of job killing Democrats.

Anyone expect less ?

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