Ode to the Welfare State

About five months ago I posted a video, produced by the College Democrats of America, that featured a bunch of college-aged individuals explaining why they were Democrats. To say the least it was both hilarious and depressing.

If You Haven't Had A Good Laugh Today

So what got me thinking about that video again? During my regular reading of various blog and news sites this past week, I came across what quite possibly could be the original script for said video. In addition, as the author of the post noted, it also could be used to very accruately describe the mentality of the "occupiers".

Ode to OWS

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Excellent, and thanks for sharing it with us!

sums up the philosophy of the Democrat Party.


Saw this going around twitter last night. From 1949 and a Republican was able to get the poem into the congressional record. The Liberals suck their power from the poor to keep them enslaved. And so now we are at the end with hundreds of millions in unfunded pensions otherwise known as payouts to union members. Health care money set aside for Obamacare is being raided and spent. The scam is ending. And the end won't be pretty. Get your bug out bag ready and become a Prepper. Even a little preparation will put you ahead of 98% of your neighbors.

We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.-Ben Franklin

I keep telling people to prepare, but my advice often falls on deaf ears, or their preparations are very late and of low order to begin with.

The cheap oil is all gone now. The era we're in, is one of significantly more expensive oil. The America of the 1970s can never ever return. Neither can the 1980s and 1990s. Our society is totally dependent on a liquid fuel whose supplies must run dry, hence the cost must spiral upward nearly without bound. And yet Americans keep tooling around in 2-4 tons of metal sporting 5-6 seats but which is often just filled with 1 person. Our love affair with the automobile is more destructive than the love affairs of the average West Side blonde bimbo.

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