Democrat Election Shenanigans (I know, big surprise.)

With less than two weeks left before the mid-term elections, it really shouldn't surprise anyone that the Democrats are behaving like, well. . .Democrats.

Below are quick snippets of two reported incidents of less than reputable voting schemes being perpetrated by representatives of candidates (here in our great state) or by the party machine (in Illinois).

Cincinnati, OH - Students were taken to vote (during school hours) and as the filed lawsuit alleges, were given sample ballots listing only Democratic candidates. Also listed in the complaint was that while the students were supervised by a school employee, they were also accompanied by individuals who appeared to be associated with the campaign of Steve Driehaus (D).

Cook County, IL - While over 35 counties in Illinois missed mailing deadlines for military ballots, officials in Cook County have taken measures to ensure that county jail inmates won't miss their opportunity to vote. The Chicago Board of Elections doesn't wait for inmates to apply (like any other citizen has to), they just hand deliver ballots along with the applications.

Can't wait to see what the local Dems and unions have planned for our area.

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it continues this year. I love how the Dems scream about how needing something as simple as a picture ID (not a driver's license but an ID) is soooo hard to get yet two very dem controlled states somehow couldn't get ballots to the military. And Illinois had it's primary in February.


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