My love letter to Dick...


Dear Dick,

Let me start by saying "Thank you". Thank you, thank you, thank you. . .thank you!

During a debate two nights ago, you were asked a simple question by your opponent,

"How do you create a job?"

And your answer was nothing short of genius. Why you ask? Because you were able to show, in a not so coherent 90 seconds, that every big government, big spending liberal really has no idea what they are talking about when it comes to the economy. Whether it's you answering the question or say, Marcy Kaptur in Ohio, the answer will always be the same and will always be just as bad. If that wasn't enough, I think you realized that you had crapped the bed so you tried to make things better by doing the predictable Dem thing. . .smear your opponent. Now that wasn't very nice Dick.

Before I watch the video again, I want to ask that if you remember anything from this experience, you remember this number; 38. That is the number of words it took your opponent to answer the exact same question. Her answer was effective, direct and didn't involve any words or phrases like government-run, stimulus or entitlements. And when you break it all down, Linda is right on the money. I do hope we can still be friends?

Love always,


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He lied about Vietnam. We expect more from our elected representatives. They work for us. How many of you would put up with a lying spouse or children? I'm sick of the elite, ruling class.

The name DICK suits him very well. Why would any voter want to be a DICK supporter? You can actually say, "What a DICK!" when you talk about DICK here.

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