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President Obama <3's Bain Capital

Who knew that after all of his Marxist, class warfare rhetoric regarding Mitt Romney's experience in the private sector...

“When some people question why I would challenge his Bain record, the point I’ve made there in the past is, if you’re a head of a large private-equity firm or hedge fund, your job is to make money….That’s part of the American way. That’s part of the system. But that doesn’t necessarily make you qualified to think about the economy as a whole, because as president, my job is to think about the workers. My job is to think about communities, where jobs have been outsourced.”

That deep in his hypocritical heart, President Obama secretly had a crush on the boys at Bain Capital.

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Irony. Hypocrisy. Just Another Day In The Liberal Neighborhood

So our contemptible Attorney General was in Houston today to address the NAA(L)CP National Convention. Luckily there was no shortage of irony or hypocrisy.

First the irony. Just in case someone may not have been aware, Houston is in Texas. Texas is currently being sued by the aforementioned and contemptible Holder's Department of "Justice" over the recent enactment of a voter ID law in the state.

And since we're talking about liberals, we can't forget the hypocrisy.

Newest DCCC Election Strategy

Apparently the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, after getting annihilated in 2010, is employing a new strategy for the upcoming elections in November.

Behaving like parasitic* paparazzi from TMZ...


A simple question with what is probably an easy answer.

Are the President and his campaign team not nearly as bright as they are made out to be or are they so arrogant and out of touch that they think no one will call them on it?

A marriage (match) made in heaven...

A marriage (match) made in heaven; the Democratic National Committee and Charlotte, North Carolina.

For those who may not have been aware, even after Tuesday, the Democrats will be holding their quadrennial get together in Charlotte during the first week of September. So what made, and still makes, Charlotte such an appealing location that it was chosen over the other finalist cities of Cleveland, Minneapolis and St. Louis?

Could it have been...

FBI Busts Tea Party Members in Alleged Bomb Plot

FBI Busts Occupy Cleveland Members in Alleged Bomb Plot

"Five individuals — at least three of them involved in the far-left Occupy Cleveland movement — were arrested on April 30 in Cleveland in connection with an alleged plot to bomb the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad bridge. The FBI described the arrested individuals as “anarchists." (emphasis mine)

What's that you say? These were Occupiers and not Tea Partiers? That just can't be possible seeing as how the left (and their media lap dogs) have spent the past few years trying to paint Tea Partiers as domestic terrorists. I may be mistaken, but I even think the name Timothy McVeigh was tossed around a few times in an attempt to make a connection.

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Ode to the Welfare State

About five months ago I posted a video, produced by the College Democrats of America, that featured a bunch of college-aged individuals explaining why they were Democrats. To say the least it was both hilarious and depressing.

If You Haven't Had A Good Laugh Today

So what got me thinking about that video again? During my regular reading of various blog and news sites this past week, I came across what quite possibly could be the original script for said video. In addition, as the author of the post noted, it also could be used to very accruately describe the mentality of the "occupiers".

Ode to OWS

Worst. Protest. Idea. Ever.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the so called 99%*.

Regardless of your feelings on this whole "occupy" thing, I think we can all agree that this is atrocious and indefensible. Not to mention that if you're trying to garner support for your "cause", this is probably not the best way to go about it.

* - Note the letters on megaphone being used.

Where are the Koch Brothers???

Another one to place in the "Do as I say, not as I do" file on liberal hypocrisy.

For all the whining that was done on the left about outside money from the right to support Wisconsin's collective bargaining reforms, does it really surprise anyone to see where money is coming from to support the recall efforts?

My apologies if the the chart is a little tough to read. Had to shrink it by half for it to fit. The link to the article at the end of the post will have the full size image.

So where does Congress go from here...

now that the debt ceiling debate is temporarily over?

If your first answer was "go on vacation", you would be right. But for the sake of argument, let's look at what they'll take up after returning. Well, if you're a Democrat, the talking points say you will be focused like a laser on job creation. Which is all well and good, but...

I'm just not sure how powerful the laser or how sharp the focus will actually be.

If you haven't had a good laugh today...

please take a few minutes and watch this clip. Even if you have already watched once or more times than you can remember.

In addition, I've decided to forgo any of my usual analysis and commentary because this clip truly epitomizes the art of "speaking for itself". One last thing before you hit play, there is a little bit of unintentional irony in having this follow Fred's Howard University post. See if you can pick it up.

So...I'm a racist.

Or at least that is what the liberal left would like you to think about me or anyone else who dares support legislation requiring a photo ID to vote. But when you take into consideration that their goal is to bring everyone down to the lowest common denominator*, the accusation is hypocritical, laughable and just plain dumb. Especially when you add in how the left operates; arguments based on emotion rather than fact and focused on the supposed rights of a group rather than the actual rights of an individual.

Just Imagine If She Were A Lucas County Commissioner...

She probably would've been forced to return the car.

This quite possibly could've been one of the funniest things I've read this week. And the thing with the car doesn't come into play until the end.

Again, if you look to the left you will see no shame (or dignity)...

Only this time it is a little closer to home.

In what can only be described as an absolute disgrace, Ohio police and firefighters began National Police Week on Monday by holding press conferences across the state (incl. Toledo) to rail on SB5 and push the repeal initiative. While that doesn't sound too bad, what makes it truly repugnant is that it was done under the guise of honoring fallen officers.

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Fat Cat Alert!!! Fat Cat Alert!!!

This one goes out to all the class warriors and union members, hacks, thugs, etc. who were astroturfed to Madison and Columbus to protect their diseased golden goose and rail on the rich, evil corporate fat cats.

Hypocrisy, thy name is Unions (...and Liberals)

So...the UAW held their national convention in Detroit this week and apparently as custom, they closed the gathering with a march around Cobo Hall. What made this year different was that the drones turned their march against the union's biggest "boogeyman"...those rich fat cats. The resulting rally at a Bank of America caused the branch to temporarily shut down.

Thankfully, they decided to open their mouths and what came out was nothing short of priceless. (h/t The Blaze)

Is it almost 2011 or 1984???

For those unfamiliar with George Orwell's novel 1984, a fictional language called Newspeak is introduced by the totalitarian regime in an attempt to make any alternative thinking, referred to as "thoughtcrime" or "crimethink", impossible by removing words or constructs that describe the ideas of freedom, rebellion, etc. In it's more generic use, Newspeak has been used to describe any attempt to restrict disapproved language by a government or other powerful entity.

Enter the Society of Professional Journalists and their Diversity Committee's campaign to get reporters to drop the term "illegal immigrant" from their coverage as it is "offensive" to Latinos.

Sounds like it's time to educate some leftist lame-streamers...

Ohio vs. 2010 Census

The U.S. Census Bureau announced today that the 2010 Census put the population of the United States at 308,745,538, an increase of 9.7% from the 2000 Census.

For those wondering how Ohio fared, please see below the fold for all data related to the Buckeye State.

One of the Biggest Impediments to Quality Education

I work 40 hours a week, my wife works 40 hours a week and almost everyone else I know with a full-time job works 40 hours a week. But if you're a teacher in the Grand Rapids (MI) Public School System, being asked to work 40 hours a week is apparently a bridge too far.

My Take on the 2010 Midterms

Took a few days off to rest after the election, so as not to risk repeating anything, I'll just say this....

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