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Here are some issues that you can help me with:

There are some issues of people not being able to edit their comments. If you have done this recently let or if you have had trouble let me know too. I can't seem to track it down any help would be appreciated.

There are still some outstanding issues. I noticed when I had the DB nightmare over a month ago, some posts got clipped. I have all of the postings backed up so if you see one that is missing some text, let me know and I can repopulate it. I can't seem to figure out what caused the clipping because it is very random, but it seems like it had something to do with HTML in the posting.

See any other issues? post it here.

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Tried to edit, make corrections, hit to post and not a thing. No green line, no hourglass, just a key that you click on going nowhere.

But only AFTER you already post and click on the EDIT option to re-edit.

Happened to me twice...I'd made a typo and noticed it after posting the comment. Tried to edit both posts and it let me make the changes on the screen, but wouldn't 'post' the revised text.

I hate when I have typos!

Could you post which Web browser and version number you are using?

IE 7
IE 6.5
IE 6
Firefox 1
Firefox 2
Opera 9

lunch with the site host ?
or a list of fun websites?

what you can get out the baffling vault of antiquity.

I use Iceweasel 2.0.22 A derivative of Firefox for Debian. Have no problems with swampbubbles functions. http://toledoohioneighborhoodconcerns.com/blog

I haven't been able to edit - won't save the changes. I use Internet Explorer 7.

Can you remember when it started? I think I know, but any help would be appreciated.



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