New SwampFeeds


I am putting the finishing touches on the new and improved SwampFeeds. You can now locate it by its own URL or click on the tab above. I don't know who if anyone used the older SwampFeeds, but this should be an interesting update. Let me know what you think.

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Your talking about an RSS feed right?
Swampbubble and Toledo Talk go right to my Yahoo! home page. I can read part of whats there without going to the site.

The address above will not be accepted though.



You probably would not want to add that site to your RSS feeds. I imagine it will get many feed items each day. But it would be a great place to stop. SwampFeeds is a place for you to stop and look what is going on throughout the great destinations in the area. Like your Yahoo, it will aggregate feeds and allow you to see what is going on.

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