750 Square Feet of Solar Power per Hour

After three years of researching, developing, fund-raising, and expanding, Toledo solar tech start-up Xunlight Corp. grew up yesterday by delivering its first shipment of commercially manufactured solar modules. It went to the University of Toledo, the institution that played a significant role in the company's birth.

The modules will be installed on a 10-kilowatt thin-film solar array on the grounds and the roof of the university's Scott Park campus, which is being renamed the Campus of Energy and Innovation.

The campus is being refitted with laboratories for research in solar and wind technologies.

"Our first sale and delivery of solar modules marks a significant milestone for Xunlight, and it is especially noteworthy that the University of Toledo is our first customer," Xunming Deng, the company's chief executive officer, said during a ceremony yesterday to mark the delivery of the solar modules.

University President Dr. Lloyd Jacobs said he felt "tremendously gratified" by the school's role in the birth of Xunlight.


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for the update.

It appears certain industrialists and politicians don't care if the Earth is mismanaged, while others idolize nature or make up hoaxes like global warming (Madonna polluting her recent concert with blatherings in praise of Al Gore - shut up and sing!), but we need some biblical balance since God will destroy those who destroy the Earth and there are many ways folks are destroying the Earth (other than all that hot air coming out of Copenhagen). Global sin affects everyone, but how many folks are willing to repent?

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