SICK AND TWISTED: Kid Eats Turd For Tweenty Dollars

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You know, the site owner here (Chris) is eventually going to catch on to the fact that a new poster has decided to try to squelch all political discussion by putting up crap posts. Once he notices what you are doing, your days of crap posts may be numbered.

Secondly, it's not going to work anyway. Regular posters here will simply "discuss" around you, until Chris figures out what you are doing. You must have noticed that there is an ongoing discussion several posts down. That's how it will work, until you are, shall we say, "neutralized". I've seen him delete posts that are essentially "ads" before.

And there is a little disclaimer at the top as to what this site was set up for.

You will not succeed in stopping political discussion on this election year - trust me on this.

You know, the site owner here (Chris) is eventually going to catch on...

Which might be true if Chris actually ran the site. He doesn't, and the only time he actually does anything is when one of his special little friends complains. ?ucknut, for instance, will very likely never be censured. Neither will ?uckHeadRadio, whose antics bear a very striking resemblance to ?ucknut's 'contributions'.

Still, it's his site, his money and he can do as he likes.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Buckheadradio, why are you now posting your home movies?

If you wanted $20 I could have lent it to you.


i am not "trying" to do anything, it's funny that you make it seem like I am up to no good. I HAVE FREEDOM of speech just as you do. Stop bothering me jerk. Chris has put together a nice site, I enjoy it and read every post, you can't have Chris come in between me and my work. First Amendment Rights Comes First JERK!

Would you please explain to the rest of us how the first ammendment applies to a privately held website operated by a private citizen?

The fruits of MY labor are not a social commodity.

Buckhead radio, were you referring to myself or farmergal?

I am guessing FG but because your post wasn't a direct reply I'm just trying to clarify.


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