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I was just curious. Maybe, someone can clear up a part of SB5 for me. Part of the bill concerns "Merit Pay." I have not seen any concrete evidence on how they plan to institute a merit system. Will this be a Statewide system for all public employees or will this only be limited to education? Just curious.

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but it appears all state and civil service employees would be subject to merit pay and that merit would be used for purposes of promotion as well.

Here is the text of the pending bill and you can search for 'merit' throughout the document and it will show you where the topic is discussed.

I would hope that the merit system would be based upon the individual needs of the various types agencies and departments tasked with implementing it. When I was the Clerk of Toledo Municipal Court, I instituted a merit pay system (it was separate from wages) with the union in the office. Each employee did a self-evaluation and then their supervisor did an evaluation (both in pencil). The two then met and completed a final evaluation form in ink. Any disagreements (there rarely were) were appealable up the supervisory chain of command. It worked well when I was there. It was part of the union contract, so AFSCME is on record as having at least one unit where merit is being done.

The system I implemented was more like a merit bonus - but we didn't increase wages as much as the city did because of the merit compensation. That was the compromise struck to get the system in place.

I haven't had time to look at the State plan yet. But, I have always had questions as to how it would be implemented. I wasn't sure if Merit would be determined by OGT socres. And if that was the case what would you do about foreign language, business, Phys. ed, etc. Also how would the Merit of firefighters, police officers, and others be determined. So your plan makes a lot of sense.

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