the Republican's son's said this on Morgan's show

On Piers Morgan's show, Rommey's son's said that their father's problem was to not retract his CEO role in order to gain like ability to the American public. Obama should run an ad on this. Rommey acts like an CEO and he denied based on his findings 47 percent of Americans . that's his finding of how to win the presidential election . he has to win by using rich people and phony people that live and are bitter to see a black man as President.

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Wow, another NEW poster. And they watch Piers Morgan too!


G.D.P- 1.25 % weak as wet toilet paper-think triple dip recession.
13.2% durable goods orders PLUNGE-think continued high unemployment.
Median income PLUMMETTS during Obozo's "recovery" June 09 - June 12, from $53,718 to $50, 678...think-further depressing consumption / spending.
Federal debt in the TRILLIONS for four straight years: 2011 -$1.2281 TRILLION
2012-$1.2758 TRILLION !
Gas above $3.55 for 45 months straight.
8%+ unemployment for 43 months straight.

And, puddle deep Dim liars are concerned about what Mitt's son said on a poof's show ?!

Apparently, even Obammy's horrendous Foreign Policy, is something Dimwitted Liberals are proud of ?!

Libbey, Woodward, or Waite GED's, aren't worth spit !

over Obama's suggestion at one time that military veterans should (maybe) take on some of the expense for their own war injuries.

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