LSU #1, Oklahoma State #2: Final Regular Season American Heartland Bar and Grill College Football Top 30

Seriously? LSU versus Alabama? Just when you think the BCS couldn't stoop any lower, Alabama, a team who's kicker couldn't make a field goal at home, gets a shot at the BCS title (I refuse to call it the national title) while Big 12 Champion Oklahoma State doesn't? And Oklahoma State's lone loss was a game that never should have been played against Iowa State. The game was played on the same day that the OSU women's basketball coach was killed in a plane crash and EVERY OTHER Cowboy sporting activity was cancelled.


This year, the BCS took away the whole 'the regular season is everything' argument. Why else would Alabama be playing in the BCS title game without winning their conference? Why else would Houston, a team that won 12 straight games to start the year and did not play a Mickey Mouse schedule like Hawaii did in 2007, fall from 6 to 19 in the final BCS standings after losing to an 11 win Southern Mississippi team?

An 11 WIN Southern Mississippi team?

Why isn't the 7th ranked team in the BCS, Boise State at 11-1, playing in a BCS game while Virginia Tech at #12 and Michigan at #13 is?

What's the lesson here? The BCS has made it clear that if you reside in the Mountain West, WAC, Conference USA, Mid-American Conference, and the Sun Belt that on day one, game one of the college football season, no matter what you do, no matter how good your team may be, you have NO shot whatsoever at having a chance to play for the national championship.


1 1 LSU
SEC 13-0 11.92

2 5 Oklahoma State
Big 12 11-1 9.17

3 2 Alabama
SEC 11-1 8.92

4 4 Stanford
Pac 12 11-1 7.75

5 2 Houston
C-USA 12-1 7.63

6 8 Wisconsin
Big 10 11-2 7.62

7 9 Boise State
MWC 11-1 6.83

8 6 Oklahoma
Big 12 9-3 6.75

9 13 Oregon
Pac 12 11-2 6.31

10 10 Michigan
Big 10 10-2 6.25

11 23 Clemson
ACC 10-3 5.39

12 11 Virginia Tech
ACC 11-2 5.38

13 12 USC
Pac 12 10-2 5.25

14 15 Kansas State
Big 12 10-2 5.00

15 16 Arkansas
SEC 10-2 4.94

16 14 Georgia
SEC 10-3 4.93

17 17 South Carolina
SEC 10-2 4.92

18 21 Texas Christian
MWC 10-2 4.58

19 19 Penn State
Big 10 9-3 4.18

20 20 Notre Dame
IND 8-4 4.17

21 28 Southern Mississippi
C-USA 11-2 4.15

22 25 Arkansas State
SunB 10-2 4.02

23 27 Northern Illinois
MAC 10-3 4.01

24 18 Nebraska
Big 10 9-3 4.00

25 7 Michigan State
Big 10 10-3 3.85

26 26 West Virginia
Big East 9-3 3.84

27 22 Tulsa
C-USA 8-4 3.83

28 29 Baylor
Big 12 9-3 3.67

29 31 Cincinnati
Big East 9-3 3.42

30 30 Toledo
MAC 8-4 3.33

Again, a fairer way to determine the national champion is do it on the field with all 11 conference champions getting their opportunity and three worthy at large teams.

#1 LSU and #2 Oklahoma State get first round byes. At large teams are seeded 12-14 and must play away games in the first two rounds.

Round One:
#14 seeded Houston (12-1) at #3 seeded Wisconsin (11-2)
#13 Stanford (11-1) at #4 Oregon (11-2)
#12 Alabama (11-1) at #5 Clemson (10-3)
#11 Louisiana Tech (8-4) at #6 TCU (10-2)#10 West Virginia (9-3) at #7 Southern Mississippi (11-2)
#9 Arkansas State (10-2) at #8 Northern Illinois (10-3

Round Two:
Winner of Arkansas State/Northern Illinois at #1 LSU (13-0)
Winner of West Virginia/S. Mississippi at #2 Oklahoma State (11-1)
Winner of Louisiana Tech/TCU vs. winner of Houston/Wisconsin at the lowest seed remaining
Winner of Alabama/Clemson vs. winner of Stanford/Oregon at the lowest seed remaining

National Semis rotate within BCS Bowl.
National Title Game at a BCS Bowl.

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Your fascination with rankings and playoffs and who's No. 1 is humorous and troubling at the same time. Ease up. Relax. No one remembers who was No. 1 last year. No one will remember who was No. 1 a year from now.. And why would anyone give a shit anyway? It's just college football, meant to be enjoyed.

Patience is a great virtue.

This is the worst thing for the BCS credibility.
OK State got screwed. OK, so they lost one game to a team that ended up 6-6.
Alabama lost a HOME game. If Alabama should beat LSU the second time around, why should they be called national champs? They would still be 1-1 for the year against LSU.
Besides, I think LSU- Oklahoma State would have been way more entertaining.
I won't even watch the game.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

OK STATE regardless of whether they should of played or not played and they lost to Iowa st. Bama lost to the #1 team by 3 points they should be playing for the title.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

OK, look at it this way. Let's say Alabama beats LSU by 3 points in the N.C. game. Would they then be the national champions? Why should they be?, LSU beat them IN Alabama by 3.
I have to agree with the OK St. coach, they had their chance. Besiides, OK St. played way more bowl eligible teams than Bama.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

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