LSU, Oklahoma State, and Oklahoma Maintain 1-2-3 Rankings: Week 6 American Heartland Bar and Grill College Football Rankings

The top four went unscathed over the weekend. But that can't be said about Stanford, Boise State, and Penn State.

How far up the rankings will Oregon jump after defeating previously unbeaten Stanford?

How for down the rankings will Boise State fall after another missed field goal ends their BCS title hopes?

And with the defeat of Stanford and Boise there is now only three unbeaten teams left: LSU, Oklahoma State, and Houston. Can Houston move past Boise State towards the top 5?

It's week #5 of the fairest, most unbiased college football rankings out there and not bought and paid for by big corporate ESPN.

The formula is as follows:

If you defeat an opponent, one point for each win they have.

-if you win by 25+, you pick up an extra point for each win they have unless it's a non-Division 1-A team.

-If you lose to an opponent, you lose one point for each loss they have

-if you lose by 25+, you lose an extra point for each loss they have. If the loss is to a non-D-1A team, this rule would also apply.

Divide the total by the number of games played.

Here we go...


SEC 10-0 9.00

2 Oklahoma State
Big 12 10-0 8.20

3 Oklahoma
Big 12 8-1 7.78

4 Alabama
SEC 9-1 7.00

5 Oregon
Pac 12 9-1 6.11

6 Stanford
Pac 12 9-1 6.10

7 Boise State
MWC 8-1 5.7

8 Houston
C-USA 10-0 5.60

9 Wisconsin
Big 10 8-2 5.20

9 Michigan State
Big 10 8-2 5.20

9 Nebraska
Big 10 8-2 5.20

12 Virginia Tech
ACC 9-1 4.51

13 Clemson
ACC 9-1 4.50

14 Penn State
Big 10 8-2 4.43

14 Michigan
Big 10 8-2 4.43

16 Arkansas
SEC 9-1 4.42

17 South Carolina
SEC 8-2 4.41

18 Georgia
SEC 8-2 4.40

19 Southern Mississippi
C-USA 9-1 4.02

20 USC
Pac 12 8-2 4.01

21 Notre Dame
IND 7-3 4.00

22 Texas
Big 12 6-3 3.89

23 Kansas State
Big 12 8-2 3.70

24 Texas Christian
MWC 8-2 3.41

25 Tulsa
C-USA 7-3 3.40

26 Arkansas State
SunB 8-2 3.30

27 Northern Illinois
MAC 7-3 3.20

28 Cincinnati
Big East 7-2 3.11

29 Florida State
ACC 7-3 3.01

29 West Virginia
Big East 7-3 3.01


#1 LSU maintains its lead with #2 Oklahoma State and #3 Oklahoma headed towards a end of the season showdown. Alabama stays within range at #4. LSU's remaining major hurdle before the SEC title game is #16 Arkansas (9-1)

Oregon makes the big move up to #5 and slides Stanford, Boise State, and Houston back one spot. Boise remains ahead of Houston BUT...the Cougars next three games are against: SMU (6-4), Tulsa (7-3), and presumably #19 Southern Mississippi (9-1) in the C-USA title game. If Houston wins out, they should pass Boise and make a run at the top 5.

The Big 10 trio of Michigan State, Wisconsin, and Nebraska come in at #9.

Seven non-AQ schools now in the top 30: Northern Illinois #27 from the MAC, Arkansas State #26 at Sun Belt, Tulsa from C-USA at #25, the Mountain West's TCU at #24. Southern Mississippi (C-USA) comes in at #19 this week, Houston at #8, Boise State at #7.

Other notable teams:
Ohio State #32
Toledo #33
Ohio #48

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I like your ranking system, and think it works pretty well. I think it would be improved if you would list the previous week's ranking, perhaps parenthetically. This would more easily demonstrate how much movement there is from week to week, and it is a feature that is often included in listings of poll rankings.

Also, I've long thought that 32 teams would be a good number for a college football playoff, and would like to see your rankings extended to that number. A top 32 list based on mathematical rankings would likely include all conference champions, even of the non BCS conferences.

Noted. I've thought about that too.

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