My Final Word on SB 5

I had a chance to discuss SB 5 with some friends of mine the other day. They are non-union teachers, public non-union occupations, and others. As a result, I've had a slight change of heart about about SB 5.

First off, Ohioans on balance are not an extreme bunch. We are neither a red or blue state. If anything, Ohio is a tic right of center...a tad more blue in our purple.

Personally, I was surprised that Ted Strickland lost his bid for re-election. I don't believe he did anything that didn't merit a second term as governor. John Kasich came into the race as an ex-employee of Goldman-Sachs- hardly a popular business to struggling Ohioans.

Kasich won. He and the Republicans took on big unions right out of the box by passing SB 5. That in itself is not an ignoble enterprise seeing as big unions, AND big corporations, use their resources to bankroll and control both parties.

Kasich had two playbooks to work from to deal with this:

Gov. Walker in Wisconsin- rammed through his initiative despite the intense opposition of big labor who all but ordered their Democrat enablers to leave the state to prevent a vote on the bill.

Gov. Christie in New Jersey- Christie took on big labor and their excesses head on but did so through the press first. He appeared at open houses and took hostile questions from big union apologists and came out on top.

I think Kasich screwed up royally by not following the Christie model.

Both sides are wrong on this issue. I sure can't vote against it and reward big labor for their outright lies and misrepresentation (representatives of the middle class, my ass).

In deference to my friends and others who oppose SB 5 for far nobler reasons than to protect the political power of big unions, who represent the true working class in Ohio, struggling to keep afloat while both parties kow-tow to their special interest groups, I can't vote for it, either.

If there was ever a need for an abstain mechanism that would send the bill back to the Ohio Legislature, this is the time.

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yes vote. Can't stand Kasich but let's keep SB 5......My final word!

"John Kasich came into the race as an ex-employee of Goldman-Sachs..."

Actually he worked for Lehman Brothers...
Here, let me help you out:

Hate to have the facts trip up your argument...Kasich is a bad deal but he survives because his critics fail at basic levels...Heartland indeed.

Lehman Brothers...right. Thanks for catching that. I knew it was one of the bigger brokerage houses in NYC.


BTW...just how exactly do you post a photo or youtube video here?

Political Championship Wrestling- putting politics in proper perspective by presenting it as pro wrestling.

Coming in January, a political satire about the sorry state of American Politics- Jesusland vs. Progressiveville.

Just out of curiosity, where do "non-union" teachers teach?

Oh, they teach in the Montessori and private schools, and in religious schools, and other places that are not the public government schools. In other words, in places where schooling is actually effective, which means not the unionized public government schools.

True, they also teach in the charter schools, but CSs are currently being used as a political chesspiece, not so much as educational outlets. I look at them as a cast shadow of the public schools, so as the latter moves, so do the former.

The only workable solution is to destroy the public schools completely. We need to fire all those administrators and teachers and support workers, and contract out each school to bidders, who can then hire back anyone they deem fit (which won't be many). The mere existence of such a failing option as the public schools is what's inhibiting the utility of the charter schools. Once the CSs see they can't just be a dumping ground just to gather up cash, and that they'll have to truly compete in order to attain fair educational standards (which I keep hoping will be imposed, WHAT'S THE GODDAMN DELAY ON THAT!??!!?), then they will finally clean up their acts. The system of K-12 education in Ohio and Toledo under such a change would become fluid, hence there will be a period of chaos. But that will settle down and a new era of actual education will appear.

Naturally the venomous unions in the public schools will fight that to the bitter end, which is why we haven't seen such a solution imposed already.

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