American Heartland College Football Top 30

It's that time of the year...the return of the American Heartland College Football Top 30! The fairest of the ranking systems because it's NOT biased against the non-BCS schools.

Formula is as follows:
If you defeat an opponent, one point for each win they have.
-if you win by 25+, you pick up an extra point for each win they have.

If you lose to an opponent, you lose one point for each loss they have
-if you lose by 25+, you lose an extra point for each loss they have

Divide the total by the number of games played.

Head to head results are taken into consideration.

This week's rankings has three non-BCS schools (Boise State, Toledo, Houston) in the Top 30 and four more bubbling just below. Shall we?



1. LSU
SEC 6-0 5.25

2. Alabama
SEC 6-0 5.00

3. Oklahoma
Big 12 5-0 4.40

3. Oklahoma State
Big 12 5-0 4.40

3. Wisconsin
Big 10 5-0 4.40

6. Boise State
MWC 5-0 3.80

7. Michigan
Big 10 6-0 3.50

8. Texas
Big 12 4-1 3.40

9. Clemson
ACC 6-0 3.33

9. Stanford
Pac 12 6-0 3.33

11. West Virginia
BEast 5-1 3.17

12. Illinois
Big 10 6-0 3.02

13. Penn State
Big 10 5-1 3.01

14. Notre Dame
IND 4-2 3.00

15. Georgia Tech
ACC 6-0 2.83

16. Texas A&M
Big 12 3-2 2.60

17. Toledo
MAC 3-3 2.50

18. Kansas State
Big 12 5-0 2.40

19. Nebraska
Big 10 5-1 2.33

19. North Carolina
ACC 5-1 2.33

21. Baylor
Big 12 4-1 2.20

21. South Florida
BEast 4-1 2.20

23. Houston
C-USA 6-0 2.03

24. South Carolina
SEC 5-1 2.02

25. Virginia Tech
ACC 5-1 2.02

26. Oregon
Pac 12 4-1 2.01

27. Rutgers
BEast 3-2 2.00

28. Georgia
SEC 4-2 1.83

29. Cincinnati
BEast 4-1 1.81

29. Washington
Pac 12 4-1 1.81

No surprises at the top with LSU and Alabama from the SEC battling it out with the Big 12's Oklahoma and Oklahoma State and the Big 10's Wisconsin and non-BCS Boise State from the Mountain West.

Brady Hoke has worked his magic at Michigan and the 6-0 Wolverines have risen up to #7. Texas (Big 12), Clemson (ACC), and Stanford (Pac-10) round out the top 10.

As for the second ten, Notre Dame is lurking in the 14 spot, one ahead of ACC surprise Georgia Tech who rides a 6-0 start to 15th place.

The biggest surprise? Toledo from the Mid-American conference at 17. Why are they there? Simple, they beat Syracuse. The kick in question was clearly not good- regardless of what the officials and the replay officials, who inexplicably botched what should have been a clear reversal, say. So, in this unique circumstance, both Toledo and Syracuse get credit for winning the game.

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AH, I have done my own poll in the past too.

I am shocked as to the similarities. The difference is for every team you lose to in my poll you get their number of wins divided by 2 added to the total. Additionally in my poll I don't credit beating a FCS opponent with any points from their wins, just the points for that win alone.

I'm curious how you came up with 25 pts for the spread. I do the same but with 28. My reasoning is I've never seen a team overcome a 28 point lead with 5 mins left to play.

Nice poll!


Thanks Mikey. I kicked around 22 points and 28 as well for the point spread. 25 seemed just right.

I didn't put this in the description- but, yeah if you beat a FCS team you get the points per win but not the extra points for the spread.

All I have to do is plug in numbers on a spreadsheet and it does the rest from there. The only thing I adjust is special circumstances ie... see Toledo-Syracuse debacle. And yes, if it were another pair of teams and the same thing happened, I would make the same adjustment.

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