The Pledge That America Really Needs

There’s no reason that Congress can't do something that the cynics, naysayers, and hardcore partisans from all sides said couldn’t be done- bring back accountability to the government, restore confidence in the political process, and most importantly make the hard choices needed to move the country forward.

There's no reason Congress can't do the responsible thing and balance the budget and live within their means- just like millions of ordinary Americans do.

There’s no reason Congress can't pass common sense immigration reform legislation to strengthen our borders and offer a realistic plan to deal with the millions of illegal aliens in our country.

There’s no reason a common sense tort reform package can’t be passed to reduce the glut of frivolous lawsuits that clog our judicial system and help businesses, particularly small business, bring down their cost while protecting the right of individuals to redress wrongs in the judicial system.

There's no reason our health care system can't be reformed without resorting to costly, national health care schemes, pharmaceutical medicines made more affordable, health insurance made more affordable for all which would also help businesses keep their costs down. Malpractice insurance reform would bring down the cost of insurance for doctors which would in turn result in reduced cost to patients

There’s no reason the Patriot Act can’t insure the safety of Americans without compromising our principles of freedom or the Constitution.

There’s no reason that the cumbersome tax code can’t be reformed and simplified. Instead of spending hours figuring out a tax form, most citizens should only need minutes to complete it.

There’s no reason politicians can’t put put the common good ahead of political considerations.

The people who have a right to be angry are not partisans who care more about promoting their party instead of the promoting the general welfare.

The people who have every right to be angry are ordinary Americans who’ve seen their government hijacked by extremists on both sides of the aisle and special interest groups.

The people who have every right to be angry are ordinary Americans who fight a never ending battle to feed their families and pay their mortgages with stagnant wages against the rising tide of the cost of living.

The ones who don’t show up at expensive fund raisers or write out large checks to candidates.

The ones who are losing their houses at an exponential rate to foreclosure.

The ones who have to work multiple jobs to keep up and can’t afford the cost health insurance thanks to the greed of pharmacuetical companies, trial lawyers and insurance companies.

The ones who’ve pretty much tuned out the political process for the one dollar, one vote, slime-filled cesspool that’s it’s become.

Those are the ones who have the right to be angry; not partisans who shine the light on the cockroaches who infest the other parties while ignoring the ones that infest their own.

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