Tucker Carlson to Launch Alternative to the Huffington Post

Tucker Carlson to Launch Right-Leaning Huff Po Alternative – Michael O’Brien/The Hill

"Pundit Tucker Carlson publicly announced Tuesday that a right-leaning news site resembling the Huffington Post he’s been planning will go live within weeks.

Carlson will launch TheDailyCaller.com, which he said would focus on reporting on the Obama administration and “adding facts to the conversation.”

“We are a general-interest newspaper-format style site,” Carlson told conservative bloggers at the Heritage Foundation on Tuesday. “There just aren’t enough people covering this administration and telling the people what’s going on.”

Carlson, a former conservative and libertarian pundit (most notably on CNN), touted his site as a home for basic reporting.

“Tell the truth, and be accurate,” Carlson said of the venture’s goals. “It’s very important to live up to the basic standards of journalism."


Here’s my hope for the DailyCaller.com.

I hope it emerges as an alternative to the Huff Post in not just ideology but in presentation. I’ve long since believed that one of the problems pulling our country apart is the fact that we seem to have lost the ability to debate opposing views in a civil, respectful manner.

Why hasn’t Air America taken off as well as its creators hoped? Because, you can’t paint yourself as an alternative to the worst evils of right wing radio and then turn around and do the exact same thing.

I know from running a hole in the wall political blog the vitriol and divisiveness that political partisans on both sides create. I used to love to watch politics on TV. I don’t anymore simply because of how ridiculous and predictable the rhetoric between both sides has become. I don’t watch MSNBC or Fox nor listen to Rush or Air America because it’s devolved from expressing opinions to tearing your opponent down. In many cases, we’ve stopped fighting for what’s right and instead fight to win the argument…or political battle.

It’s become like pro wrestling (echoing another blog of mine).

I hope the DailyCaller proves to be something ‘different’ in the realm of political discussion and doesn’t make the same mistake Air America did. I believe on balance that America is ready for political discussion without the incessant caterwauling that prevails on the Huff Post, Daily Kos, Rush, and Ann Coulter.

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I will be looking forward to read this. I really can't stand the constant battles, and welcome the chance to read the facts without them being parboiled by hacks on either side of the aisle.

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