Outpouring of Support??

So, after watching all of the TPS School Board meetings during the month of March, I have a question/thought. Will all of the people who showed up at the public meetings, meetings which were highlighted in all of the media and “live streamed” so that they could be viewed at home, will all of these people actually turn out to vote and support their cause? Their cause could be either for or against. We see a lot of dissent against various changes, positions, taxes, levy’s, etc. – virtually anything going on, by groups that are against them. I viewed a few hundred people who passionately spoke about what they like in the school system. Will the people who were for supporting the public schools and the programs they value, actually rally support at the polls? A lot of talk is going on in places like this blog site concerning the Toledo situation, and about the TPS situation. I believe that less than 40% of the people eligible actually expressed their opinion by voting during the last opportunity. I think the turnout for the vote was around 32%. So, I submit that typing on the internet blog pages is easy, it is a little harder to actually GO OUT AND CAST A BALLOT. “For me, I much prefer silent vice over ostentatious virtue”. Your thoughts??

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and this May I will cast my NO vote for Issue 3 TPS School Levy.

The school levy campaign slogan is "Protect Our Progress - Vote for Issue 3"
My school levy campaign slogan is "Protect Your Paycheck - Vote No for Issue 3"

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

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