My wife, a life-long Toledo resident, has decided it is time to go...

My wife was born and raised in Toledo. I was not born in Toledo, however, I attended the University of Toledo. After we were married, I tried to convince my wife we needed to move. However, like most life-long residents of Toledo, she was not willing to go. We purchased a house in a nice neighborhood, however, after a few years the neighborhood began to go downhill. When the voters of Toledo voted to put Carty back into office, we decided to move to Sylvania Township. Not ideal for me as I still wanted to leave the Toledo area completely, however, a huge step for my wife. Now, after this past Tuesday of watching the voters vote back into the council race some of the same individuals responsible for a few of the issues that Toledo is experiencing, my wife concluded it was time to leave NW Ohio and the Toledo area completely. As my wife, a life-long resident has come to this conclusion, I wonder how many others will arrive at the same conclusion as well.

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I've felt the same way for the past few years. Too bad the housing market is so lousy.

So she's leaving you?

Pink Slip

Can you blame her for leaving him?

I live in Sylvania Township and have no intention of leaving. (I'm not a native of this area, but my husband is.)

If something was going to make me leave the area, it wouldn't be the way residents of another city voted in a political primary.

To each their own, I suppose.

Sarah, while you may live in the burbs, anything that happens in Toledo will impact you eventually. NW Ohio is tied to Toledo and this region will never reach anything close to its potential without a vibrant and prosperous Toledo.

Eventually it will get to you. Living here for 30+ years has allowed me to watch the donut grow. The hole just gets bigger. You should be concerned if not today then tomorrow.

Um, I never said that I didn't feel like I was affected by things that happen in the region.

Just think its kind of silly that this guy felt like he needed to come here and proclaim that he was moving because of the way residents of Toledo voted in the primary.

this town will never change, because the people living in Toledo are too apathetic to want real change. The morass that is this town has been partially caused by the very same people that were chosen to move on in the city council election, Ludeman, Sarantou, etc. Toledo is stuck in a rut, will continue to be stuck, and it is time to move on to something different.

why would you move from Syl. Twp., if you're otherwise content there, just because of Toledo politics?

I agree.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out...

Until the lion writes his own story, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter (African proverb)


Dan you and your wife are just doing what all the smart people in the city are doing or have done.

I'd say Toledo is sinking like the Titanic but the Titanic at least had a band playing while they went down.


I like living in Toledo. I got a ton of house at a good price and live in a great safe neighborhood. While my kids don’t go to public school, our district (Glendale Felbach) by all my neighbor accounts is very good. I have easy access to 75, 475, AWT, and the turn pike and to top it all off…my taxes are a lot less than living in the burbs.

I've contemplated the idea of moving to Toledo as well.

Homes in my neighborhood are selling well. I have a lot of equity in my home (even after adjusting for the current market). In theory, I could sell my home and be mortgage free. Just purchase a home in Toledo for what's left after I paid off our current home loan. (I'd imagine I could probably get a pretty decent house for $130K-$140K cash in the city limits.)

My kids go to Catholic school, so the school district isn't as important to me. And I certainly wouldn't complain about getting a break from my approximate $5K per year in property taxes! I already work downtown, so I already pay Toledo income tax.

IIn the end though, I don't see myself going through with it. Would save a ton of money, that's for sure. But there are a few things that would concern me...what if my kids ever wanted/needed to go to public school? what if I ever needed to move out of the area (job transfer, etc)? what about police and fire service? Those are some of the concerns keeping me in Sylvania Twp, and not making the leap to being a Toledoan.

His wife grew up in Toledo, didn't want to leave. Carty gets elected, ok, they didn't like that, they move to Syl. Twp. (a 'big deal' for his wife....umm, why??...she's probably 20-25 minutes from where she grew up).

Now the same 'ol-same 'ol choices are for mayor/council races for Toledo in Nov...and they want to move completely out of NW Ohio?

I really hope they want to move for more reasons that that.

That pretty much sums up my thoughts too.

Maybe he has other reasons that he just didn't mention here? That would make more sense.

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