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Obama and the Olympics

So Obama is going to Copenhagen to press Chicago's case for the 2016 Olympics.

I'm so glad he has the time to do this , what with Afghanistan going on, the health care debate, the economy, etc. Gotta love this tax payer funded trip.

My wife, a life-long Toledo resident, has decided it is time to go...

My wife was born and raised in Toledo. I was not born in Toledo, however, I attended the University of Toledo. After we were married, I tried to convince my wife we needed to move. However, like most life-long residents of Toledo, she was not willing to go. We purchased a house in a nice neighborhood, however, after a few years the neighborhood began to go downhill. When the voters of Toledo voted to put Carty back into office, we decided to move to Sylvania Township. Not ideal for me as I still wanted to leave the Toledo area completely, however, a huge step for my wife.

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