Iowa's Resillient Residents

The people of Iowa are a shining example of how American communities can really come together in times of need and disaster. They are not whining, not blaming the Feds, not shooting at rescuers and I haven't seen any reports of looting either. A testament to the Midwest mentality.

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I was going to write some thoughtful comment on this, but others have beat me to it...

Iowans deserve significant credit for how they've coped with their tragic conditions, a natural disaster of serious proportions.

But it ain't New Orleans of Sept., 2005. Apples and oranges, and credit to the law-abiding people caught in either situation.

Are the people of Iowa some sort of monobloc of welfare recipients lacking basic transportation? NOLA. Did the Feds move in confiscating weapons? NOLA. Were Iowans rounded up and put into a large hall with little care and support? NOLA.

Katrina hit a major US city and produced a sudden flood condition from the levee breaks that people were assured would hold. Of course, true rationality would have caused NOLA to be abandoned by now, since the 2004 report was more than blunt about how NOLA would be lost to a major hurricane (as it largely was).

If a major and sudden flood event hit ANY major city, you'll find the same issues of thousands of Blacks and poor being stranded, killed and eventually herded by government forces. The problem is having too many poor and dependent people in one spot that's subject to a disaster. NOLA is somewhat unique for its profile of a poor populace and flood exposure, but it could happen in several other US cities.

Note well that Katrina is going to happen again, and the ocean levels are still rising. That means that within 50 years, NOLA is going to become so inundated that its abandonment will be FORCED. But we should have chosen to abandon it in 2005 when 95% of the population had finally left for a period. That we chose to re-inhabit it, demonstrates how depressingly stupid we really are as a nation.

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