Permit our universities to clog the brain drain - my next brilliant idea to bring pride to Toledo

I hope you all read the article about me and my wonderful idea to stop the brain drain in the Toledo area. On Wednesday, 5:30 PM, I am gathering the young of Toledo to network with the groups I choose downtown at the Erie Street Market (the Market I restored). This is such a wonderful opportunity to become educated and to understand the pride of Toledo.

New SwampFeeds


I am putting the finishing touches on the new and improved SwampFeeds. You can now locate it by its own URL or click on the tab above. I don't know who if anyone used the older SwampFeeds, but this should be an interesting update. Let me know what you think.

Scout is the number one dog


Dear Anita Lopez, Lucas County Auditor,

New "Featured Blogs"

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The newest feature on SwampBubbles are "featured blogs". Are you interested in blogging here? Contact me at the contact form above and we can talk about it. It does not need to replace your own blog, but you could use it to link up with your own.

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