While Richie Iott plays Nazi re-enactor the former FoodTown workers lose their jobs and homes.
Richie Iott dressed as a Nazi

While West Toledo is suffering with a Rat influx Sylvania Township is suffering from another form of RAT, Kaptur sign thieves

Yes, its true! A new form of unethical RAT has invaded Sylvania Township streets. The RATS are of one partisan group who refuse to respect those of a differing point of view. Today October 7th whole streets in Sylvania were stripped of Marcy Kaptur signs leaving only Richie Rich Iotts to radiate his poison. Is this the type of unethical criminals we want to run our country?

My love letter to Dick...


Exclusive: Foreign-Funded ‘U.S.’ Chamber Of Commerce Running Partisan Attack Ads

~Treason in High Places~

Exclusive: Foreign-Funded ‘U.S.’ Chamber Of Commerce Running Partisan Attack Ads

Fred Lefebvre Toledo Ohio Avowed Hippie

Fred in the 1960s

Fred now
Thanks for the picture of you in your hippie days and your lifestyle at that time. A person's past gives valuable insight to the future you .

Paul and Karen, Sylvania OH Former FoodTown Employees

American Heartland Bar and Grill College Football Top 30- Week 5

More college football wackiness...

Pts. Rnk Lst Week
2.80 1 3 Oklahoma (5-0)
2.40 2 3 Alabama (5-0)
2.38 3 2 Arizona (4-0)
2.25 4 8 Oklahoma State (4-0)
2.25 4 9 Kansas State (4-0)
2.20 6 14 Michigan (5-0)
2.20 6 6 LSU (5-0)
2.19 8 1 Florida (4-1)
2.13 9 6 Missouri (4-0)
2.00 10 10 TCU (5-0)
2.00 10 20 Oregon (5-0)
2.00 10 3 Auburn (5-0)
1.75 13 17 Boise State (4-0)

Steven Rattner Explains the Auto Bailout

Ron Pauls pledge to america

An excellent article posted on September 28th, 2010 by Jack Hunter at The American Conservative

Ron Paul 2012
Ron Pauls Pledge

Birds of a Feather

So what does our own Marcy Kaptur and the despicable excuse for a human being Alan Grayson, both Democrat members of the House of Representatives, have in common?

American Heartland Bar and Grill College Football Top 30


The first AHB&G College Football Rankings of the 2010 season.

Pts Rnk
2.25 1 Florida (4-0)
2.13 2 Arizona (4-0)
2.00 3 Oklahoma (4-0)
2.00 3 Auburn (4-0)
2.00 3 Alabama (4-0)
1.75 6 Missouri (4-0)
1.75 6 LSU (4-0)
1.67 8 Oklahoma State (3-0)
1.63 9 Kansas State (4-0)
1.50 10 TCU (4-0)
1.50 10 USC (4-0)
1.50 10 North Carolina State (4-0)

The Pledge That America Really Needs

There’s no reason that Congress can't do something that the cynics, naysayers, and hardcore partisans from all sides said couldn’t be done- bring back accountability to the government, restore confidence in the political process, and most importantly make the hard choices needed to move the country forward.

There's no reason Congress can't do the responsible thing and balance the budget and live within their means- just like millions of ordinary Americans do.

Judge Keila Cosme – Lady Justice or Judicial Activist?

In light of recent court decisions in Arizona and California, by what some would call “rogue” judges; it would behoove us to examine if we have potential judicial activists currently on or running for the bench in NW Ohio. Before I begin though, I would like to state that I am by no means a legal expert, so I won’t be making any attempts at examining case law. That being said neither are most of the people who will be voting in November, so it would seem more prudent to examine the information that the campaigns are asking voters to use when deciding on their candidate.

Rich Iott Says He Had No Knowledge of Spartans Past Practices.

Posting of this link on GOOGLE SEARCH is an attempt to slander my good name and quiet my ability to express myself in a free an open way.

50,000 Northwest Ohio autoworkers out of a job if Rich Iott were Congressman in 2008

The Toledo Blade
Article published November 14, 2008
Auto industry can't compete with unions

The American Socialist party platform of 1928

Take a look at this list from the American Socialist party agenda from 1928. See anything familiar? As of this date, there is only one item on this list that has not yet been achieved, do you know which one it is?
We have been spoon-fed this garbage for so long, we just accept it as "life in America"
Do you think maybe it's time to force our "representative" government to get back to adhering to its constitutional limitations, or just throw in the towel and go full-on communist?

Socialist Party Platform of 1928- Courtesy

Rich Iott

Iott a Job Destroyer?

NOT AGAIN, First It Was We Found A Million (Carty) , Then It Was We Found 874,000, (TPS) Now Its We Found 873,000 Lucas Co Dog W

WoW! We either have a bunch of crooks running this city or a bunch of incompetent crooks running this city. This is ridiculous; it’s time to stop giving our money to these people, i.e. Levies. Start calling council members, and commissioners, and start voicing your concerns. This is bulls#it, you just don’t find a million dollars or 874’000 dollars, or 873’000 dollars. This is why we are called brain dead morons in Toledo.

The Other View


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