Have you heard?

Recently I told someone that my doctor said I was definitely in "decline" (I have AIDS).

Judge blocks Obama's offshore drilling ban

We still have some people left with some common sense, of course the Obama administration is furious, how dare they go against my Cap and Trade..

How Muslim world feels about Obama: disappointed

awwww how could this be not the Great and Mighty One, he is one of them....

Police: Officer under review after punching incident caught on camera.

CNN) -- A Seattle, Washington, police officer who was caught on video punching an alleged jaywalker did nothing wrong, the Seattle Police Officers Guild said. (Goggel it )This is the same way Wolfie sees things,the officer did'nt do nothing wrong.
The officer could of restrained the women with his strength alone, he didn't have to punch her. Punching the women is not in the continuum of force as a response to pushing.


Obama gives 2 billion dollars of our tax paying money to a Brazilian oil company to drill in deeper water than BP did. Oh! of course George Soros has a 900 million dollar investment there also. Hmmm.

North Carolina Tea Party Member charged with assault

VIDEO: Democratic Congressman Caught On Camera Roughing Up College student because he asked him about Obama's agenda.

Goggel this wolfie and friends, and then tell us what you really don't see. The progressive pot is starting to whistle and is about to blowwww.....

Corporate cash does the talking

The Toledo Blade Letters to the editor
Article published June 14, 2010
Corporate cash does the talking

President Obama and the government were called socialist for passing a weak health-care bill. Now that BP's oil spill has reached epic proportions, hypocrites ask: Where's the government?

Follow the money. Walk down K Street in Washington, where corporate lobbyists "reflect" the will of America.

NEWS ALERT: NC Tea Partiers assault man!

June 10, 2010 After trying to reason with the Tea Party Protesters a scuffle broke out.

WSPD blows Saturday weather warning

WSPD gave no real warning to Saturday's bad weather that I know of. While they (WSPD) were enjoying the weekend off the other news outlets were working overtime. K100 and WTVG Toledo News13 & WTOL TV Toledo News11 gave us the best coverage probably I've ever seen. Blizzard Bill Spencer was outstanding in his coverage and probably saved lives. WSPD's 5000 watts of wasted lack of coverage again shows that "The News Station" is anything but!

I'm left to reenter past entries and comments to old posts, where is everyone?

I see that I can't get much dialogue here I'm left with commenting on year old posts and resubmitting posts. Where is everyone? I don't want to hear about getting a life, this is a blog, this is what you do here.

Rational Thought

Stop the bullshit political label beliefs of Republicans,Democrats, Libertarians, ect

When are we, as a people going to forget about the agenda of political labels and which one is right? I don't care who you listen to, if you can't see the problems we have in this city for yourself as well as this country, than you suppress yourself from doing anything to change it. How blind can we be not to see the corruption and mismanagement of the same incompetent people that have run this city for the last 40 years? We need to think for ourselves and start voting after researching those who are running for office.

NEWS: Brian Wilson states he's out at WSPD (gives two week notice on air June 1st)

First it was the swamp gas now we hear Brian Wilson moves to another position (his words) out of town (announced on the morning show). After five years at WSPD Brian Wilson hopefully moves on relieving Toledo of the controversial extreme right wing talk show host. Hopes for Toledo that WSPD finds its roots as a news talk station, fair and balanced, and not a partisan wing of the republican party.

Toxic Toledo makes WSPD's Brian Wilson ill!

Article published May 28, 2010
Radio host: Physicians advised me to relocate
Wilson claims air was making him ill
LISTEN: Brian Wilson explains why he left Toledo
Toledo news radio talk-show host Brian Wilson on Thursday told listeners he was forced to move out of the Toledo area because living here was making him ill. (MORE)

No Jail time for Stony Ridge 7!!!

Beware the browning of America

Arizona is a great state to visit!

I've just returned from out West, including the great state of Arizona with its Grand Canyon - one of the seven natural wonders of the world! See it for yourself and agree.

Grand Canyon

Beware the incompetent AT&T Midwest!

Over two years ago I unfortunately dealt with AT&T Midwest. Originally I foolishly gave them permission to automatically withdraw from my bank account. Then I decided against it and both informed them by their computer form/website to stop such withdrawals and that I would send them a check, as well as talking to too many of their AT&T Midwest people on the phone.

Show down in America

Bank of America crashed our economy. We bailed them out. Now, they're back to business as usual raking in huge profits and giving themselves record bonuses.

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