Tonya Craft Trial - Local Media Soap Opera Makes The Large Time

Tonya Craft, a kindergarten teacher at Chickamauga Elementary School in Chickamauga, Ga., is on trial in Catoosa County for 22 counts of child molestation and other charges. Since being arrested and charged in 2008, Craft has maintained her innocence. This whole time the Tonya Craft trial had been a local media soup opera up until Thursday, when NBC's Today show team descended upon Chickamauga to give local merchants' a pay day.

Tutorial on how banks won't do loan modifications for home owners like Keith Sadler

Quote from Toledo Blade article:
Lucas and Wood counties have experienced a dramatic increase in foreclosures.

News Alert:The Wood County Sheriff Evicts Keith Sadler


Elizabeth Warren: Time To 'Sober Up' On Mortgage Foreclosures

Potluck for the People come support Keith Sadler battle with the bank!

Well we survived a close call today and spirits are running high! So in celebration we've decided to throw a party! This Friday May 7th we're having a potluck dinner between 6:00PM to 7:00PM come join us bring a dish to share. We are looking for former home owners who have gone thought the heart break of foreclosure. Come joins us and share your story or maybe donate to the cause in some small way. Spread the word lend a hand we really are nice people. Live from beautiful downtown Stony Ridge Ohio.

News Alert:The Keith Sadler 12:30PM eviction ongoing!

The Keith Sadler eviction is underway. Electrical service has been cut from the house. Repeat service has been cut in an attempt to quiet the ever growing media frenzy associated with this. The Wood county Sheriff of Nottingham has not, I repeat, has not attempted entry of the long time home owner. The Sheriff has stated a May 28th deadline for eviction and disavows any knowledge of criminal vandalism to the Sadler meter box. Further updates will be provided. Live from beautiful downtown Stony Ridge Ohio.


Contact: Lance Crandall 419-309-7040; email:

5947 Fremont Pike, Stony Ridge OH. just outside Toledo Ohio

On Monday May 3rd, Keith Sadler a former UAW Autoworker (who lost his job) of Stony Ridge will be evicted from his home. But unlike many in a similar situation, Mr. Sadler intends to resist his foreclosure and stay in his home illegally.

"I am resisting this eviction through non-violent civil disobedience," states Sadler. "It's time to make a stand against this corrupt system."

Foreign Invasion

Stand Up for Arizona
By Patrick J. Buchanan

Libertarian Wayne Allyn Root

Robert Ekas ensures the freedom of American society

Toledo I want to see you in a KIA! NOT!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Make Korea free trade pact fair to Americans
by Ron Gettelfinger

Let's say for the sake of argument that you are considering buying a Hyundai or Kia built in South Korea. Would you still purchase the vehicle if it meant that the government would audit your income tax forms?

My guess is you'd be a little intimidated by that prospect. But that's what used to happen to Koreans when they purchased vehicles imported from the United States and elsewhere.

The Real Threat to Our Future: GOP Tea

The Real Threat to Our Future: GOP Tea
March 12, 2010
There’s a lot of media jabber these days about how the deficit spending of the Obama Administration is threatening the future of the next generations of Americans. Most people with a sense of reality and history, understand the difference between what Obama is doing and what his GOP and tea bagger critics are advocating.

The case against the Libertarian demand for deregulation.

April 23, 2010
On Thursday, April 22, President Barack Obama made the case for increased regulation of the financial industry in a televised speech at Cooper Union in New York City. It was widely billed as President Obama's chance to harness the momentum behind reforming Wall Street and move forward the bills being considered in the House and Senate. Those measures face stiff opposition from most of the Republican Party and an army of lobbyists from Wall Street who have the ear of members of Congress on both sides of the aisle.

Outpouring of Support??

So, after watching all of the TPS School Board meetings during the month of March, I have a question/thought. Will all of the people who showed up at the public meetings, meetings which were highlighted in all of the media and “live streamed” so that they could be viewed at home, will all of these people actually turn out to vote and support their cause? Their cause could be either for or against. We see a lot of dissent against various changes, positions, taxes, levy’s, etc. – virtually anything going on, by groups that are against them.

Obama's Deal

With all the misinformation about the recently passed Health-care Reform bill this program gives a fair assessment in a time-line fashion of the events that led to its passage. Whether a progressive or a Tea Party Libertarian this program will give new insight of our political system. Your government at work.

The private sector has downsized its pay & benefits now the public sector will feel the hurt.


GAO report endorses cuts in U.S. Postal Service
By Ed O'Keefe
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, April 12, 2010
The U.S. Postal Service's current business model "is not viable," and the mail agency should make deeper job and wage cuts, hire more part-time staff and consider outsourcing some operations, according to a draft of a government audit acquired by The Washington Post.
In part the GAO report states:
* Reduce the size of the workforce through retirements and outsourcing.

Don't bother replying

Swamp Bubbles used to be a good place to get a feeling for what people think about events in the greater Toledo area, It appears that for the last few months the site has become a place for outright crazies and a__hats to expound their point of view. Too bad, it, was a good site to go to. Ta, Ta, for now. Don't bother replying as I will not be looking at it.

The first "Where's the Birth Certificate" in Toledo, Ohio makes its debut!

"Where's the Birth Certificate?"

"Where's the Birth Certificate?"

With houses underwater... has anyone else had a hard time switching house ins. companies?

Our house insurance went up again.. and this is before I add on the lovely flood insurance I have to carry. So I started calling around to get rates but the three companies I put our info online said that they would not write a policy due to replacement costs being so much higher than the homes value. So very frustrated right now.

Tell me agin why I live in Toledo......

Lt. Col. Terry Lakin is the highest-ranking and first active-duty officer to refuse to obey orders

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