California Court of Appeal Casts Doubt on Ability of Howard Rice's Sean SeLegue to Be Impartial Based on His Failure to Disclose

*TLR urges the readers to exercise caution and not jump to conclusions regarding misconduct by Sean SeLegue. The Court of Appeal decision is predicated on how circumstances "appear" rather than real and actual bias on the part of Howard Rice's Sean SeLegue.

California Supreme Court Justice Carlos Moreno to Step Down as He Urges the Governor to Replace him with a "Latino"

California Supreme Court Justice Carlos Moreno has announded today that he will step down from the bench at the end of Febrauary, 2011.

In a statment to the press, Moreno, 62, stated that "the time was ripe" for him to "seek a new direction."

Additionaly, Moreno, in a written statment stated:

"It has been a truly unique honor and privilege to have served the people of California as a judge for over 24 years and, together with my great colleagues on the court, to have played a modest role in shaping California jurisprudence."

Daily Mail: California told to Prepare for Biblical ‘ARkStorm’

According to the front page of today's Daily Mail, a biblical "Arkstorm" is about to hit California --walls of water 10ft high, rain falling in feet instead of inches, and nine million people’s homes flooded during a hurricane-like megastorm that could last more than month.

Disabled U.S. Marine Veteran Newest Victim of California State Bar Court Judge Patrice McElroy as Century City Law Firm Comes to

Just as Californians manage to put behind them the embarrassing mistreatment of quadriplegic Sarah Granda by the State Bar of California, Gayle Murphy, Judy Johnson and Dean Barbieri – which necessitated direct intervention of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, now comes a new scandal to stir up the firestorm again.

William G. Wells, a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corp, was admitted to the practice of law in California in 1959. He practiced for approximately 35 years without discipline. Unfortunately, Wells's career has recently come to a screeching halt.

Sylvania look to your own driveways for school funding answer


I have to laugh at the indignant parents. I think they should take a critical look at why Sylvania schools are suffering. If you look at the big picture from Toledo to Ohio and across the nation some 40,000 factories have been closed and outsource in the last decade. The staggering loss of revenue and jobs have cost lower property values across the Midwest and reduced revenue sharing by the state. If one looks at the high level of imported cars driven by the Sylvania residents its their own lack of knowledge of economics that has primarily caused this dilemma.

WJR 760 AM Detroit where Toledo goes to get its radio entertainment.

Ten years ago Jerry Anderson was a Speedy talk show host. He got top ratings and Speedy listeners hated to see him go. But the man had a face for television and it was only a matter of time till he moved along. Jerry reminded me of oldtime Speedy host Paul W Smith who now works for WJR 760 Detroit. Another example of a excellent talk show host that is civil and civic minded and doesn't race bait always positive and gracious. He draws in the big names with a Midwest flavor to his interviews. By-the-way Paul W show can be heard on the mega watt WJR 760 AM from 5:30 AM to 9:00 AM every morning.

Subliminal racism alive and well at Speedy radio

Whether it be "monkeys peeling bananas" or repeatedly making fun of audio of blacks talking about Obama money (Lets not forget the repeated belittling laughter by the hosts of the audio of the black Toledo city manager who explained the loss of the city backhoe). Subliminal racism is alive and well on AM talk radio skirting the FCC laws and public decency, promoting divisive hate talk for the bottom line. Racist hate sells and enlighten Toledoans know it.

Will the real John Boehner please stand up!

Matt Taibbi: The Crying Shame of John Boehner
The new speaker is a lazy, double-talking shill for corporate interests. So how's he going to fare with the Tea Party?

Quote from article:

Ohio's new governor ready for a fight over his changes

The Toledo Blade
Article published January 02, 2011
Ohio's new governor ready for a fight over his changes


COLUMBUS — There's been no doubt that there will be budget cuts after Governor-elect John Kasich takes office, and he was warning even before the election that there would be protests over some of what he plans. (MORE)

Quote from article:
Mr. Kasich said he will seek "equity" through civil service reform.

Is it almost 2011 or 1984???

For those unfamiliar with George Orwell's novel 1984, a fictional language called Newspeak is introduced by the totalitarian regime in an attempt to make any alternative thinking, referred to as "thoughtcrime" or "crimethink", impossible by removing words or constructs that describe the ideas of freedom, rebellion, etc. In it's more generic use, Newspeak has been used to describe any attempt to restrict disapproved language by a government or other powerful entity.

Enter the Society of Professional Journalists and their Diversity Committee's campaign to get reporters to drop the term "illegal immigrant" from their coverage as it is "offensive" to Latinos.

Sounds like it's time to educate some leftist lame-streamers...

Here's another blow to our Internet freedoms as well as our personal liberties...

Counterfeiting Trade Act (ACTA), which may pose a serious threat to civil liberties. Weinstein explained that ACTA originated as a plan to develop a unified method of dealing with counterfeiting amongst numerous countries. However, over time, the emphasis of the act began to focus more on intellectual property issues, notably Internet piracy, rather than physical counterfeiting.

Michigan Town Is Left Pleading for Bankruptcy

The New York Times
December 27, 2010
Michigan Town Is Left Pleading for Bankruptcy By MONICA DAVEY
HAMTRAMCK, Mich. — Leaders of this city met for more than seven hours on a Saturday not long ago, searching for something to cut from a budget that has already been cut, over and over.

Study: Fox News Viewers Most Misinformed


Yahoo News
Study: Fox News Viewers Most Misinformed

The study from the University of Maryland found that many viewers of the Rupert Murdoch-owned network "believe scientists do not agree that climate change is occurring. They also believe economists think the stimulus caused job losses and the health care law will worsen the deficit, that stimulus legislation did not include any tax cuts, that their own income taxes have gone up and the economy is getting worse," according to The Hollywood Reporter. (MORE)

Ohio vs. 2010 Census

The U.S. Census Bureau announced today that the 2010 Census put the population of the United States at 308,745,538, an increase of 9.7% from the 2000 Census.

For those wondering how Ohio fared, please see below the fold for all data related to the Buckeye State.

After privatization, Indiana Toll Road's biggest difference is the price

By THEODORE KIM / The Dallas Morning News

ELKHART, Ind. – The welcome signs still say "Indiana." The truck stops sell the same greasy hamburgers. And the road still carries thousands of drivers daily across the far northern part of the state between Ohio and Illinois.

But motorists on the 157-mile Indiana Toll Road have noticed one big difference since it came into private hands: They are paying higher tolls for the first time since 1985.

Need a job? Too bad...

Need A Job? Too Bad! The Good Jobs Are Being Shipped Out Of America As Part Of The New One World Economy


The November election said nothing to this administration, they don't care about re-election they are going full bore on obtaining their agenda. They can't possibly think they are getting re-elected. Here is just a few of the earmarks in the Ominbus bill...

Three hundred fifty thousand dollars for cool-season legume research in Idaho, North Dakota and Washington. A half million dollars for road roundabouts in Mississippi. And $1 million for arthropod damage in Nevada.

Brilliant! by Brian Wilson

What the host really thinks of Toledo!

November 7th, 2010 by Brian Wilson

About “comments”
August 22nd, 2010 by Brian Wilson

Auburn #1, TCU #2: American Heartland Bar and Grill College Football Top 50- Week 14

Auburn clear #1. TCU edges out Boise State for the #2 slot. Oregon at #4. Again, this is based solely on wins and losses and what a team does on the field- period. It’s not biased like the BCS is towards the power conferences. TCU’s strength of schedule is better than Oregon’s- period. Boise State’s SOS is significantly better than Oregon’s- period. Boise’s lone loss is to a 12 win Nevada team that destroyed Cal by 21 points earlier in the year.

Michigan State #5, Wisconsin #6, and Ohio State #7.

Pts. Rnk Lst Wk
6.68 1 1 Auburn (13-0)

Auburn #1, TCU #2, Oregon #3: American Heartland Bar and Grill College Football Top 50

We’ve added a new element to the rankings this week. If a team wins by 21 and more, they receive an extra .1 point for every win the team they defeat has. Conversely, if a team loses by 21 or more, they lose an extra .1 point for every loss the team they lose to has.

Also, head to head results between two teams are honored in the rankings as much as possible.

Now to the rankings. Boise State drops back one spot to #4. Michigan State to #5. Wisconsin #6. Ohio State #7.

Pts. Rnk Lst Wk
6.88 1 1 Auburn (12-0)
5.50 2 2 TCU (12-0)

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