Barnett Resigns!

I am stunned, but I don't know why! This just lets me go on believing that there is much to be ashamed of taking place with some of the board members!

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before election time? There has to be a set process for this, anybody know? Do they take the next person in line from the last election with the next highest amount of votes?

They can't just pick somebody out of the air can they?

Good Lord I sure hope not.

Now there's someone that'll be swayed by politics.

Don't expect "obvious" and "unbiased" from this judge. If there's a personal political connection in the selections, it will be favored.

The abrupt resignation of Deborah Barnett presents an opportunity for the Board to do the right thing.

Deborah Barnett's seat isone of the seats up for election this November. I believe the best course of action for the remaining board members to take would be to appoint a person temporarily to fill the balance of Ms. Barnett

...of the board must vote within 30 days to name the replacement. If they fail to act, then the Probate Judge of the County (Judge Puffenberger) will name a replacement. Because of the timing of the upcoming election, the person will serve until the new term begins next January.

I sure do hope they pick someone OTHER than any current or potential candidate.

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