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SwampBubbles: SwampBubbles is a user centered site dedicated to breaking news and political discussion of Toledo and Northwest Ohio.

It is a fast moving, interactive Web site where you control the content. Post your news item, press release, write your own editorials, post your own observation, create your own polls, and allow the rest of the community to comment on it. Stop back frequently because you never know when something will bubble up in Toledo and Northwest Ohio.

Why the name?
This area was once covered by the Great Black Swamp. Real swamps have swamp bubbles (see below) and which are bubbles that come to the surface from the decay of underlying materials and can sometimes spontaneously ignite.

This site provides you a way to let your bubble come to the surface and see if it ignites. Want to highlight something? Do it here. Create your news, and political posting here. Post your citizen's report, your political discussion, your news item, your events, and even create your own polls. There is even a specific section for press releases.

Some items, like voting in polls, do not require and account. But in order to comment and post items, you will need to create an account.

Most comments are not moderated, but we do reserve the right to edit profane language or worthless or spam comments. For more information on what could be edited, please see: http://swampbubbles.com/post-editing-and-timeouts-admin

Remember you are responsible for your own comments and posts and be sure you understand your obligations when you post here. If you have any problems you can contact the admin by using the contact form above or by e-mailing the admin at admin@swampbubbles.com


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