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not sure how this ended up under 'FAQ'

McCain just handed the election to Obama!

and to think he didn't need Jon's help after all....

for others to follow our posts to this thread to get an idea what this site is about and educate one's self on the posting rules?


That was good. I hardly ever start a thread, usually just comment. Perhaps my ignorance served an unintended purpose, LOL.

Dork - read the one about 'personal attacks'.

My comments TO you are guarded and watered down, based on attorney advice.

I do print every one FROM you.

Interesting comments you make, sir.


My comments TO you are guarded and watered down, based on attorney advice.

em>I do print every one FROM you.

You actually paid an attorney because somebody called you names on a friggin blog??


And you actually wanted to work for Carty???

No asshole. I am working toward a law degree and some of my best friends are extremely competent defense attorneys and prosecutors.
The phrase 'professional courtesy' comes to mind.

I rarely tell anyone my business, but for your sorry ass, billyboy, I'll make an exception. This goes way beyond 'blog' exchanges. This clown sent me personal emails across state lines that contained threats.

Now, get back under your rock and I don't want to hear from you all weekend.

he actually DID get the job, but chose to show up for work DRUNK and DRIVE a city truck out into the populace at SEVEN IN THE MORNING!

this is the true depths of stupidity we're dealing with here as well as explains the many incorrect, yet slanderous, statements he's leveled at me, towards me and about me. I've chosen to enjoy instead of pursuing, because I know if I were to present them, I'd be laughed at to!

but just let him learn the hard way himself. maybe finally something will sink into that alcohol-addled brain of his


THAT guy...

Man, that's just....
On so many levels...

he was avoided at all costs after the initial incident here and after that 4 month or so sabbatical, I never acknowledged or posted after anything he left only because it would be reason enough to allow this to continue

but no, starts on lisa's site and comes here at 2 in the mornin shooting his imagination off and I'm nippin' it in the bud.

he wants to play foolish games, then he deserves everything he gets. he could have just not posted, but he did, and in turn ignited something he was warned about not to instigate or antagonize.

but he couldnt do it, so turn about is fair play

grow up gary and log off.

best friends?

my god, you have a rap sheet a mile long, ain't no law firm in their right mind going to hire you, let alone associate.

and remember, bubba,you threatened me in your very first email you sent me. I got the same emails and in my sober reading, it looks a whole lot like the other way around, but good luck lying your way out of this one too!

let them subpeona my mailbox, I got em all AND I hope they clarified "malicious intent" for you ;)

dude, you are entertaining

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