From letters to the editor - toledo blade - 4/27/05

Natural forces shape the workplace

Columnist Thomas Sowell seems to have no trouble understanding how natural economic forces shape the financial marketplace. Why then does he resort to bizarre conspiracy theories to explain things that are clearly the result of natural social forces shaping the workplace?

He is alarmed that, in the universities, "it is not at all uncommon to find a whole academic department - sociology for example - without a single Republican."

Does he imagine that there are long lines of neo-con applicants outside the dean's office being hit on the head and carried away by liberal trolls who live in the basement?

People who choose to spend their lives studying the problems of society - poverty, discrimination, class mobility, community health, and the like - tend to see the Democratic Party as more aligned with their interests than the Republican Party.

If I were to visit a businessmen's club with a $5,000 initiation fee I would not be surprised if I didn't find a single Democrat. Such people tend to see the Republican Party as more aligned with their interests.

Earlier columns have expressed fears over reports that a majority of workers in the news media are Democrats. Isn't this clearly because people who spend their lives observing at first hand, reporting, and analyzing the facts of political life tend to become convinced that the Democratic philosophy is the preferable one?

But, no! Mr. Sowell would have it that the "liberal media" have been taken over by a sinister left-wing conspiracy.

It's really quite simple: People who spend their lives helping others tend to be Democrats. People who spend their lives helping themselves tend to be Republicans.

Mr. Sowell can rest easy. The things he hears going bump in the night are just the neighbors downstairs coming home from the 3-to-11 shift.

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And I noticed that you did not find a need to use one profane word in order to express your beliefs in both a powerful and totally understandable fashion, either!

Dale, this was a letter some guy sent in to the blade 13 years ago.. I saved it cause I thought it truthfully expresses what really is going on in this country, It goes along with people voting against their own best interest and trying to associate themselves with the very rich (Repubs), who would only let them shine their shoes. I swear alot but I never take the Lords name in vain.
Merry Christmas!

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

The Republicans have done a great job using emotional issues in a most distorted way to convince so many common folks to vote for their candidates who overwhelmingly pass and enforce laws which hurt these same people who put them in office! Kudos to those Republican strategists!
As for the use of profanity, I never have believed that the use of profanity made a political point better than just using pointed language without profanity. I simply loved the way you used direct language in the above post, made your point well, and left it at that.

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