Tom Noe's prison sentence?

Someone in the Blades letters to the editor said Noe actually made the workers comp fund a profit and why is he still in jail. My questions are as follows:

Isn't there like 13 million dollars still missing or lost? What is the actual dollar amount lost?
What is Bernadette's role in all this?
Do the Noe's have this money in a Swiss bank account waiting for them?

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and for stealing $13.7 million! Now, he happened to be investing at a time when rare coins, and many other investments were going up, so Noe did make MORE THAN the $13.7 million he stole, but the State of Ohio still lost that $13.7 million and Noe got it! Stealing is always stealing.
But, we now live in a new America. As long as rich people are making money, all is forgiven. Of course, if a poor person steals a couple of sleeves of golf balls from a store, we should throw the book at that poor person -- especially if that person is a minority!
Hmmm...$13.7 million or 20 bucks worth of golf balls. Yeah. We should let the rich white guy go free!

In the interest of full disclosure, I did know Bernie Noe before she was married. We took a graduate seminar together many, many years ago. She was Bernie Restivo then. To me, at that time, Bernie was just another committed graduate student. As I recall, she did her work at a high level and was a nice person. That's it.

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