when the accuser becomes the accused


The biggest question in the entire Kavanaugh hearing situation is: why did the first woman claiming she was attacked NOT report the alleged assault to authorities? The answer is that women OR MEN who are sexually assaulted and/or raped, seldom report these crimes. Why not? The answer is: for a variety or reasons.
As Diane Feinstein pointed out, Dr. Ford asked that Sen. Feinstein keep her allegation confidential when Dr. Ford first reported the allegation to Sen. Feinstein. Dr. Ford feared retaliation and recrimination for her actions. In fact, that's exactly what has happened since Dr. Ford came out in public with her allegations!
Dr. Ford has received threats, including death threats to herself. Her family members have been threatened. She and her family have had to leave their home and stay in an undisclosed location for their own safety. Dr. Ford's worst fears have become reality. Society has made this accuser into an accused!
All reliable statistics show that rape is the LEAST reported of all crimes. I do have a link to an article about what percentage of reported rapes result in actual actions taken against the accused. Here it is: https://www.rainn.org/statistics/criminal-justice-system
But it goes further than this. It is estimated that, at most, one in SIX rapes of females is reported. And, recrimination is only one important reason why these reports are not made. Going further, about one in FOUR female children and one in SIX male children, are victims of sexual abuse of some type. Here's a link to an article including that statistic: http://www.nsvrc.org/sites/default/files/publications_nsvrc_factsheet_me...
Now, saying all of this, I do NOT want Brett Kavanaugh to be denied a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court because of what he did or may have done when he was in high school or college, unless it could be proved in a court of law to be criminal in nature. How many of us want to be judged about what kind of person we are now, by the things we did when we were young and/or drunk? Whether the allegations are true or not, Judge Kavanaugh's depiction of how he lived his life as a youth is implausible to me. That bothers me because I do not want a Justice of the U. S. Supreme Court to be an outright liar.
It really comes down to the question of whom do we believe? Obviously, the Republicans on the Senate committee believe the man, and do NOT believe the woman. WOW! What a revelation!

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Sex accusations aside, Kavanagh shouldn't be on the SC simply because he is biased.
He admitted it when he tried to blame the Clnton's for those women coming forward.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

was sealed at the last election. Elections mean something. That's why the election this year is so important. Talk is cheap. Jokes are funny. Laugh...but VOTE!
The consistent misogynistic talk from most elected Republicans is there for all to see. If this is not consistent with your beliefs, VOTE THAT WAY!
If too many avoid their responsibility to vote and the Congress stays in the hands of those who support Fat Donny, the next U.S. Supreme Court may well take away many rights from women! Talk is cheap; only votes matter.

I will vote per your recommendation!

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

Thank you!

misogynistic point of view, he is too ignorant to understand how insulting he is being to so many of those females who have been victimized. And these females have been victimized primarily by males. Yet, Lyin' Don the Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like, expresses his sorrow for males in our society. WOW! I need to reiterate here that males are victimized, too. They, too, are victimized overwhelmingly by other males!
As a very privileged white male, Potuzzi just does not have a frame of reference which he can use to truly understand what far too many women in America face day by day. He continues to demonize the victim; he continues to make the accuser into an accused. And most Republican office holders and candidates just go along for the ride.
For anyone who doubts if there is a real difference between the two major political parties, just watch and listen while this nomination goes forward. Only our own votes in this year's General Election can really make a difference to these callous, unsympathetic Republican elected officials and candidates.
Nevertheless, Fat Donny keeps working hard to MRGA!

The actual vote in the U.S. Senate matters, of course. But, the reaction to the vote when America votes this November, will show where America stands on the relationships between men and women today.
If we follow Fat Donny's lead, all a predatory male has to do is to make sure he is alone with a female he sexually assaults, or makes sure the other people he is with will back him up, then deny anything ever happened. You may be drunk. That doesn't matter. Deny, deny, deny! You can even be recorded. That doesn't matter. Deny, deny, deny!
Voting matters. Elected Republicans, especially elected Republican males, have made it crystal clear that they find a male to be more believable than the find a female. Elected Democrats have made it clear that they tend to believe a female when she says that a particular male has assaulted her.
Opinion polls show that more average Americans believe Dr. Ford, and do not believe Judge Cavanaugh. However, opinion polls may be interesting, but they don't really count for much. Only votes at the general elections mean anything. We shall soon see where American voters stand. Join the deciders and vote!

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