Yes, America, being black in America is different. Yes, America, being a black and male is different. Yes, America, being black and being in a car with someone white is different. Yes, America, even blacks can call the police in error on other blacks!


Here is a case where a young adult black male was on his way back to his grandmother's house from church. He was riding in a car driven by a friend of his grandmother. Both his grandmother and her friend are white. An African-American couple saw the car with its occupants and assumed that a crime was being committed. They summoned the police. As in most cases, the police acted in a thoroughly professional manner, but they did handcuff the young man and detain him for several minutes to corroborate his story. He was then freed! Here's a link to the article:

So, what's the lesson here? First of all, most police are just doing what is a terribly difficult job to protect and serve us. Secondly, one does not have to be white to make the wrong assumption about a young black male. Finally, it IS different to be black in America than it is to be white! DUH!! As a young man, I often attended a Jewish synagogue with my grandmother. She didn't drive, so we often drove there and/or back with a friend or relative of hers. I was NEVER accused of trying to do anything nefarious to her and/or the driver. Of course, we were all white!
Unlike what so many Americans believe, one can be a young black male doing everything right and still be treated as though one is a criminal, even by people of the same racial background. That's America today!

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when all he is doing is living his peaceful life. More may come of this story, but as of now it appears to be a tragic mistake. Would a white woman, or even a white male, have been shot in a similar situation?
Here's a link to the story:

Yes, America. It is different being a black male in America. DUH!

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Hope I didn't offend anyone!

many who frequent this site. Please understand that, having grown up in the central city, and having worked for many years in the central city, and having a father who also grew up and worked in the central city, I have always been open to listening to African Americans and their legitimate concerns.
Here is a quote from an article covering the killing of an apparently totally innocent black male who was killed by a neighbor who happened to be a police officer.
"Botham grew up in St. Lucia but his brother, Brandt, says that he was well aware of racial tensions in America.
'He said to me as a black man in Dallas, you don't walk with your hands in your pockets. Just so you don't get any profiling,' Brandt said."
Here is a link to the entire article.
As it states in the article, the situation described by the shooter does not make sense to the family members of the victim. They call into question the veracity of the shooter.
I know that this is somewhat of a jump in thinking, but I do love to wear hoodies when the weather cools. The first time I put one on after Trayvon Martin was gunned down, I was worried as to how I would be perceived by others, even though I am not black.
Yes, America, being black in America is different!

another recent example here. Follow the link, please:
In the article, this woman posts a picture of the note left to her daughter from diners at an Applebee's. It simply states: "Don't tip black people." Just remember this, the next time someone tells you that being a minority in America makes no difference.

Here's a link to an article about a white woman claiming that she was sexually harassed by a young black male:
The article refers to a video of the incident in which the child is walking with his mother and his sister, seemingly unaware of the white woman, when his backpack seems to touch her. The youngster's hands are nowhere near the woman!
When she says that she is reporting the incident to police as sexual harassment as she uses her phone, the two children start crying in fear. The young, male child was doing everything right. He was walking with his mother and his sister. He did nothing wrong. Yet, he was reported to police for sexual harassment. Really??

Yes, America...being black in America, especially being a black male in America, is different...even if you are a mere child!

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