U.S. opposes breastfeeding resolution. (You may not see this report on the MSCM.)

Our current POTUS is a Republican we know. And Republicans traditionally support big business over common sense and scientific evidence. In this case, it appears that our POTUS ordered the U.S. to oppose encouraging breastfeeding infants against almost every other nation in THE WORLD! After all, American companies are pushing formula feeding throughout the world. I did a search on both the Faux News website and the CBN website and nothing turned up.
Here's a link to one of many articles: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/jul/08/trump-administration-opp...
Here is a quote from the article: "...the Trump administration reacted forcefully to the resolution, which otherwise had the consensus support of all other assembly members. It pushed to remove a phrase from the draft text that would exhort governments to 'protect, promote and support breast-feeding.'"
"The administration also used its network of diplomats to lean on member states. Turning on the delegation from Ecuador, the US government said that unless the South American nation withdrew its backing of the resolution it would face punitive trade moves and even the potential loss of military help in its battle against gang violence."

Remember, voting has consequences. It DOES matter for whom you vote! They're NOT "all alike." Republicans, generally, favor giant corporations over killing terrorists and saving babies. This goes along with the policy of separating children from parents, doesn't it?

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