MRGA -- Make RUssia Great Again. Lyin' Don doing Putin's dirty work!


Here's a link to an article about how Lyin' Don the Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like, is working hard to undermine America's allies in order to achieve things for Vlad the Impaler and Russia!
This excerpt is from the article, from Republican and conservative sources:

"Republican Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona flatly rejected Trump's idea, which Republican Gov. John Kasich of Ohio said 'does not protect or defend the national security interests of the United States or our allies.' Others cast Trump's unusual battles with historic friends while reaching out to an existential historic enemy as part of a corrupt bargain that put him in the White House in the first place."
"'This transatlantic rift is a gift to Russia that amply repays Vladimir Putin's investment in helping the Trump campaign,' wrote the conservative foreign policy expert Max Boot."

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