No one spreads more fake news than does our current POTUS!

Here are just some of the latest lies spread by Lyin' Don the Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like and his supporters:
"The Philadelphia Eagles are unable to come to the White House with their full team to be celebrated tomorrow. They disagree with their President because he insists that they proudly stand for the National Anthem, hand on heart, in honor of the great men and women of our military and the people of our country." This is a lie in at least two ways.
Secondly, the protest was NEVER about disrespecting the U.S. military. NEVER! The protest is about the differences between how minorities are too often treated by authorities and the public in general, and how non-minorities are treated. Potuzzi is just so ignorant! And, he does not desire to learn. He proudly wallows in his own ignorance. He NEVER allows facts to get in the way of his opinions and his gut feelings!
Faux News, which is an outlet for more fake news from Sir-Tweets-A-Lot, showed a picture of 3 Eagles on their knees praying, well BEFORE our National Anthem was played, while the Faux News correspondent was speaking about the Eagles' team being uninvited by our POTUS to the White House. At least, Faux News has since apologized. Potuzzi NEVER apologizes for ANYTHING!!

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“'Last night during our report about President Trump canceling the Philadelphia Eagles trip to the White House to celebrate their Super Bowl win, we showed unrelated footage of players kneeling in prayer,' said Bream on her program 'Fox News @ Night'”
“To clarify, no members of the team knelt in protest during the national anthem throughout regular or post-season last year. We sincerely apologize for the error.”

Still awaiting an apology from the one who NEVER apologizes for ANYTHING...Lyin' Don the Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like.


Man who never met a burger he didn't like. Here's the actual words Potuzzi said to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: “Didn’t you guys burn down the White House?”
Our POTUS is just so ignorant of basic history, even the history of his own country! First of all, Canada was a colony of Great Britain during the War of 1812. It was British soldiers who targeted Washington D.C. and burned many buildings including the White House, not Canada nor Canadians!

You may agree with Sir-Tweets-A-Lot that America needs to impose tariffs, but his use of tariffs on Canadian imports because its a national security issue, using the over 200 year old War of 1812 as an excuse, is downright ludicrous! But, hey, this POTUS never allows facts to get in the way of his opinions and his gut feelings. More fake news from our POTUS!

Is it not ironic that Potuzzi keeps picking fights with America's closet allies, and keeps praising Russia's Vlad the Impaler?

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Hope I didn't offend anyone!

who never met a burger he didn't like.
Sir-Tweets-A-Lot declared, falsely of course: "'I would say the level of relationship is a 10. We have a great relationship' with the leaders of nations like Canada."
Here is real news, what one German political leader stated shortly after Potuzzi's fake news: “Donald Trump has dealt a further heavy blow to the Western community of states with his behavior after the G-7 summit,”
And this, from Republican Sen. John McCain: "To our allies: bipartisan majorities of Americans remain pro-free trade, pro-globalization & supportive of alliances based on 70 years of shared values. Americans stand with you, even if our president doesn’t."
This is a "10" relationship? Fake news and yet another lie from Lyin' Don the Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like.

met a burger he didn't like. After fallaciously declaring that North Korea is no longer a nuclear threat, Lyin' Don stated this about North Korean King, err dictator, Kim Jong Un: “'I think he’s going to do these things," Trump said. [Then a more truthful statement from Sir-Tweets-A-Lot.] "I may be wrong. I mean, I may stand before you in six months and say, ‘Hey, I was wrong.' I don’t know that I’ll ever admit that, but I’ll find some kind of an excuse.” Please note the final sentence, and I repeat his own words, "I DON'T KNOW THAT I'LL EVER ADMIT THAT, BUT I'LL FIND SOME KIND OF AN EXCUSE."
"After arriving back at the White House, Trump lashed out at some of the television coverage of his agreement with Kim. 'So funny to watch the Fake News, especially NBC and CNN,' the president tweeted. 'They are fighting hard to downplay the deal with North Korea. 500 days ago they would have “begged” for this deal-looked like war would break out. Our Country’s biggest enemy is the Fake News so easily promulgated by fools!'”
I do agree with his last sentence, "OUR COUNTRY'S BIGGEST ENEMY IS THE FAKE NEWS SO EASILY PROMULGATED BY FOOLS." Guess who is the biggest "fool" of all, who "promulgates" more "Fake News" than any other source and is the greatest threat to American democracy today?

and 3 companies, as of June 8th. Here's an article which shows these facts (not just "gut feelings"):
Add to this, the jailing earlier today, Friday, June 15th, of Paul Manafort:
And Mueller is only into the proverbial "tip of the iceberg," so far.

And "Fat Donny," as Bill Maher calls him, has admitted that he wrote the lies -- or should I say, Fake News -- attributed to his son, Don, Jr., that was in answer to queries by the NY Times! His reason was because the questions were posited by a news agency, not by a legal tribunal of any type. This is more evidence -- you know, facts -- that show that the biggest purveyor of Fake News is indeed -- Lyin' Don the Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like!

Security Secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen: “'We do not have a policy of separating families at the border. Period,' she tweeted."
So, when Lyin' Don the Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like says that he is just carrying out the law as families are split up, he's lying...AGAIN! How can we tell when Sir-Tweets-A-Lot is lying? His lips are moving, or his fingers are tweeting!


On the website of Snopes, it states after much research: "No federal law required or suggested the family separation policy announced by Attorney General Sessions in several sets of remarks during April and May 2018."
Here's a link to the entire article:
The article refers to investigations into all of the false allegations the Republican Administration is using to justify the unjustifiable splitting up of families, sending thousands of children into detention camps. Meanwhile as the epitome of hypocrisy, while thousands of children are in detention camps, Lyin' Don the Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like, falsely stated: "'The United States will not be a migrant camp and it will not be a refugee holding facility,' he added. 'Not on my watch.'"
Facts vs. guts. MRGA!

Lyin' Don the Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like? Best debate EVER!
Yes, Virginia...these are the actual tweets issued by Sir-Tweets-A-Lot:
"I never pushed the Republicans in the House to vote for the Immigration Bill, either GOODLATTE 1 or 2, because it could never have gotten enough Democrats as long as there is the 60 vote threshold. I released many prior to the vote knowing we need more Republicans to win in Nov.
3:17 PM - Jun 30, 2018"
8:39 AM - Jun 27, 2018"
Oh...the bill Potuzzi pushed, LOST 121-301. Some "WIN!" huh!

spews Fake News! Below are Sen. Graham's words, not mine:
“'I’m concerned when the president tweets, you know, Russia denies they meddled in our election,' Graham said on NBC’s Meet the Press. 'We’ve armed the Ukraine, we’ve imposed sanctions, we’ve kicked out diplomats, but the idea that Russia did not meddle in our election is fake news. They did meddle in our election and they’re doing it again in 2018.'”

never allows facts to get in the way of his statements and opinions!
Here are the words that Fat Donny actually said when answering a question about the NATO pledge of all nations to defend any one NATO nation which would be attacked. Referring directly to Montenegro (which, BTW, does NOT even have a common border with Russia) Sir-Tweets-A-Lot stated: "No, by the way, they [Montenegro] have very strong people — they have very aggressive people. They may get aggressive, and congratulations, you’re in World War III."
An answer from the government of Montenegro, "'We have no intentions whatsoever to start World War III, we are too small for that,' the country's foreign minister, Srdjan Darmanovic, told CNN in an exclusive interview. 'It was fun to hear about it, actually like a good joke, but we are a very peaceful nation.'"
Oh, and one other fact -- Little, tiny Montenegro (total population of less than 700,000 people) has troops in Afghanistan, as part of their commitment to the NATO alliance.
Just more Fake News from Lyin' Don! Who ever heard of Montenegro before this?

Oh! And Vlad the Impaler opposed Montenegro joining NATO in 2017!

Here's his tweet, his own words: "Inconceivable that the government would break into a lawyer’s office (early in the morning) - almost unheard of. Even more inconceivable that a lawyer would tape a client - totally unheard of & perhaps illegal. The good news is that your favorite President did nothing wrong!" 8:10 AM - Jul 21, 2018

His first lie is that the "government," headed by Sir-Tweets-A-Lot, did not "...break into a lawyer's office..." Before any law enforcement can go into any building there must either be an immediate reason, such as chasing someone leaving the scene of a crime, or they must get a search warrant. In this case, the law enforcement personnel had a search warrant from a judge to whom was given evidence that the search was necessary for investigating a probable crime or crimes.
His second lie, "Even more inconceivable that a lawyer would tape a client..." When one has a client who lies as much as Potuzzi does, anyone would be foolish NOT to record every conversation with that untrustworthy person!
And finally this lie, "The good news is that your favorite President did nothing wrong!" First, he may be someone's "favorite President," but he's not mine! Secondly, if paying off someone who claims to have had an illicit affair with you is doing "nothing wrong," in his mind, he has bigger problems than anything the Special Prosecutor can find out about his actions! Let's ask Melania!

BTW -- As of July 13, 2018, this is the current count of actions taken via investigations of the Special Counsel: "Special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. election between President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has led to the indictments of 31 people and three companies — that we know of so far." Here's a link to the article:


are Fat Donny's words, speaking specifically about Paul Manafort only 4 days ago! Today, this "very good person" was convicted EIGHT TIMES!
One can only conclude that cheating on one's taxes makes one a "very good person" in the eyes of Lyin' Don the Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like! An old saying comes to mind here, "It takes one to know one."

is NOT a "witch hunt" as Lyin' Don the Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like, has falsely stated and tweeted repeatedly. The closest parallel we have in recent history, is the Special Prosecutor investigation that led to Bill Clinton's impeachment in the 1990s.
The Clinton investigation began in January of 1994, when Special Counsel Robert Fiske, Jr. was appointed by Attorney General Janet Reno. Fiske was replaced by Ken Starr in August of 1994. In February of 1997, over 3 YEARS AFTER the probe began, Ken Starr announced that he would "step down" from the investigation; only to reverse himself a short time later and continue the probe. An official impeachment inquiry finally began on October 5, 1998! If you're keeping track, that's over 4 YEARS AFTER the original probe began. AND the original focus of the probe by the Special Prosecutor was over the White Water investment made by the Clintons!
The current Special Prosecutor investigation has just passed the 1 year mark. BTW -- On January 29, 1998, a Gallup Poll was released showing Bill Clinton's approval rating at an all time high of 67%!
Remember -- MRGA!


a burger he didn't like. Or, as Ronald Reagan often stated, "Here we go again!"

"President Trump on Monday [10-15-2018] denied that he offered Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) $1 million to take a test proving her Native American heritage, even though he did just that.
Trump spoke after Warren responded to the president's challenge and released the results of a DNA test showing she has a distant Native ancestor.
'I didn't say that. You'd better read it again,' Trump told reporters at the White House when asked about his $1 million offer.
Responding to a question about Warren's test, Trump said, 'Who cares?'
During a campaign rally on July 5, [2018] Trump taunted Warren for her claims of Native American ancestry, a staple of his campaign stump speeches.
'I will give you a million dollars, to your favorite charity, paid for by Trump, if you take the test and it shows you're an Indian,' Trump said at the time. 'I have a feeling she will say 'no.' '"
And those who support Fat Donny just don't care how much he lies, or how much his own words show that he lies.
If he looks like a politician, and lies like a politician, guess what he is?

and/or torturing media members, and assaulting women at will! I back this up with actual evidence, not the Fake News propagated by Fat Donny.
First of all, the highest level of Saudi leadership knew about -- and may have actually ordered -- the murder of a legal resident of the United States. While Lyin' Don the Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like, often comments on issues with which he agrees within minutes of when they are reported, Potuzzi has tried to cover up for the involvement of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman in this heinous act. He tweeted: "Just spoke with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia who totally denied any knowledge of what took place in their Turkish Consulate. He was with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo..."
In addition he stated: "Here we go again with you're guilty until proven innocent," AND: “Why would that guy have any reason to lie to me?"
This issue highlights Fat Donny's lack of knowledge and sophistication in international politics. He still believes that people of all backgrounds will be honest with him when they speak to him one-on-one! What a dodo! But, that's OK. Let's just keep electing people to high office who are total amateurs. That's working out so well!
Of course, this POTUS never knows when to just shut up about anything! So, he has recently stated something closer to the truth on this issue: "President Trump said on Wednesday that he doesn’t want to sever ties with Saudi Arabia because they have a 'tremendous order' for weapons that could potentially create a half a million jobs, until facts are established on U.S. resident Jamal Khashoggi. 'I do not want [to walk away],' he said to FOX Business’ Stuart Varney. 'And frankly they have a tremendous order, $110 billion, every country in the world wanted a piece of that order — we got all of it.'”
The truth is, like most typical Republican politicians, its all about money and enriching big business and the billionaires who invest in those giant corporations!
Along with this, the POTUS stated to an adoring crowd in Montana about how much he liked an attack on a member of the press by a Montana House member in 2016 who was re-elected that year, BTW. "Greg is smart and by the way never wrestle him," Trump joked. “Any guy that can do a body slam, he’s my kind of guy.”
As for sexually assaulting and/or pursuing a woman for sexual reasons, we need only to look at Fat Donny's statements and tweets attacking Dr. Ford over her allegations against Justice Kavanaugh to see his leadership style on this topic. The latest reported incident took place on a recent Southwest Airlines flight where a man made unwanted advances, even touching a woman seated next to him inappropriately. The flight attendants complied when she wanted to move her seat, so the man continued to pursue her and wanted to know detailed information about her whereabouts when they would land, and wanted her to go out on a date with him!
I recall a statement for which Mike Dukakis was widely criticized when he ran against George H.W. Bush in 1988 for POTUS. Dukakis said, "A fish rots from the head first." This was perceived as an unfair attack on the Presidency of Ronald Reagan at that time. However, it seems to be quite appropriate with our current POTUS!

Here's a link to the story:
The alleged perpetrator actually said to the police, “The President of the United States says it’s ok to grab women by their private parts...” to justify this alleged assault!

Lyin' Don the Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like, really has no concept of what it means to be so influential. He really has no concept of how his statements can be interpreted by some sickos who read, and/or hear them. Potuzzi is encouraging men to disrespect women. And I cannot believe that his disrespect for women is less than genuine! Any woman with a shred of dignity, and any man who cares about females, yet still votes for Republicans this year, may well be, in the words of our POTUS, "...crazy..."


Here's a link to the story:
The alleged perpetrator actually said to the police, “The President of the United States says it’s ok to grab women by their private parts...” to justify this alleged assault!

Lyin' Don the Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like, really has no concept of what it means to be so influential. He really has no concept of how his statements can be interpreted by some sickos who read, and/or hear them.
Potuzzi is encouraging men to disrespect women. And I cannot believe that his disrespect for women is less than genuine! Any woman with a shred of dignity, and any man who cares about females, yet still votes for Republicans this year, may well be, in the word of our POTUS, "...crazy..."


trademark, denying that words do not translate into deeds seems rather empty.
Here is what is in a Washington Examiner article which was written to support our current POTUS in the wake of bombs sent to opponents of Lyin' Don the Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like: "Trump’s words may have influenced the targets he chose, but it’s totally unfounded to posit that anyone is responsible for this serial criminal's actions except for the deluded man himself."
Does Fat Donny mean to incite heinous actions? Only he knows. I do know this. Someone has to make him understand that the Presidency is a "bully pulpit!" After all, as the article points out, "We [The Washington Examiner] have regularly criticized President Trump’s uncivil rhetoric. Civility is a good thing in political debate, and the president has a higher duty than other participants to treat opponents or rivals with dignity and politeness. The main virtue of civility is to encourage robust political debate, which is a centerpiece of our democracy."
This is all well and good, but it appears that incivility wins votes. And, winning is what this POTUS is all about! What a politician he is!

I quote Lyin' Don here: “With what happened early today, that horrible, horrible attack in Pittsburgh, I was saying, ‘Maybe I should cancel both this and that.’ And then I said to myself, ‘I remembered Dick Russell, a friend of mine, great guy, he headed up the New York Stock Exchange on September 11th, and the New York Stock Exchange was open the following day. He said — and what they had to do to open it you wouldn’t believe, we won’t even talk to you about it. But he got that exchange open. We can’t make these sick, demented, evil people important,' Trump said."
Here's a link to the online article:
WOW! Potuzzi compounded his incorrect memory with some ludicrous details. I truly believe that our current POTUS has some form of dementia. He picks and chooses the events he remembers erroneously. He could have simply stated that he and his staff weighed the pros and the cons of cancelling some rallies, and decided that the cons of cancelling outweighed the pros. After all, Fat Donny claims that the is not a politician.
But, the politician and narcissist in him could not resist the temptation of being in front of an adoring crowd of supporters and whipping them into a frenzy with his intemperate rhetoric! What a sad person he is!
More fake news from the greatest purveyor of fake news, our POTUS!

Speaking about his plan to end birthright citizenship in the United States, here is what Potuzzi said he is intending to do: "It was always told to me that you needed a constitutional amendment. Guess what? You don't," he said, adding that he has run it by his counsel. "You can definitely do it with an act of Congress. But now they're saying I can do it just with an executive order," Trump said.
The President didn't provide any details of his plan, but said that "it's in the process. It'll happen."
In the words of Republican leader and Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan: "Well, you obviously cannot do that. You cannot end birthright citizenship with an executive order," House Speaker Paul Ryan told a Kentucky radio station. DUH!!
To further muddy the waters, our Dementia-Master-in-Chief stated this lie: "We're the ONLY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD [emphasis added] where a person comes in, has a baby, and the baby is essentially a citizen of the United States for 85 years with all of those benefits."
Several sources correctly state that dozens of countries around the world also have birthright laws, including Canada and Brazil! Just more Fake News and more lies from Lyin Don the Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like!
Could this be a cold, calculated move by Fat Donny to further aggrandize himself to his core supporters, when he knows he cannot actually take such action legally? Or is he just delusional? I'll leave any conclusion up to those who read here.

Fat Donny is, "...far off track..." on both the birthright issue AND the issue of how many nations use "jus soli" the right of someone born in a country to have citizenship in that country. This is a polite way to say that our POTUS reports "Fake News!"
Here's a link to the article:
Here are just a couple of quotes to note from the article.
"Peter Schuck is perhaps the most prominent advocate of the idea that birthright citizenship is not conveyed by the Constitution to children of parents who are living illegally in the U.S. Even he says, 'Trump clearly cannot act by' executive order.
"'I feel confident that no competent lawyer would advise him otherwise,' he said by email Tuesday. 'This is just PRE-ELECTION POLITICS [emphasis added] and misrepresentation and should be sharply criticized as such.'"
Fat Donny playing politics??? If it looks like a politician, it talks like a politician, and waddles like a fat politician...guess what it is?
And this, too from the article: "The U.S. is among about 30 countries where birthright citizenship — the principle of jus soli or 'right of the soil' — is applied, according to the World Atlas and other sources. Most are in the Americas."
Hmmm...maybe it's his dementia.

Now, Fat Donny falsely claims that Finland doesn't have the forest fire problem California has because, in Lyin' Don's own words: "I was with the president of Finland, and he said: 'We have a much different [sic]..., we're a forest nation.' And they spent a lot of time on raking and cleaning and doing things, and they don't have any problem." Not so, claims the leader of Finland! According to him, "Sauli Niinisto told the Ilta-Sanomat newspaper raking had not come up when they talked."
And, the forestry director of the Finnish Forest Association, Heikki Savolainen, told the newspaper that raking was not usually a forest-management measure.
"Those [Fat Donny's] statements were very interesting. I see raking only in my own yard. It belongs to yards and parks," he said.

Is this lying and Fake news statement purposeful from Lyin' Don the Michelin man who never met a burger he didn't like? Or is this lie part of his dementia?
Of course, and as usual, Potuzzi ignores any actual facts. Finland's population is MUCH smaller than that of California, and Finland is also smaller than California in size. I know how many who read here hate facts, but here are the statistics. Finland has about 130,666 square miles of land, and has a population of about 5 1/2 million people. California has about 163,393 square miles and a population of nearly 40 million people!
Since people start most forest and/or wildfires, more than 80% by most measures, the more people who live in an area, the greater the chance that a wildfire will be started...DUH!
Of course, Potuzzi did tweet about forest fires a few years ago, and he stated this: "Who is paying for that tedious Smokey Bear commercial that is on all the time - enough already!"
Prototypical of Lyin' Don the Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like, he criticized the campaign to curb people from starting such dangerous fires when it pleased him to do so, then falsely places blame for terrible fires to try to embarrass his political opponents when he finds this to be in his personal best interest. Meanwhile, at one point, our POTUS actually threatened to not help the victims of this unspeakable calamity! Again, in his own tweeted words: "There is no reason for these massive, deadly and costly forest fires in California except that forest management is so poor. Billions of dollars are given each year, with so many lives lost, all because of gross mismanagement of the forests. Remedy now, or no more Fed payments!"
And, our POTUS only backed away from this threat after numerous Republicans chastised him for the statement. What a terrible, heartless person he is! He almost makes Scrooge and the Grinch look good!

AND...whatever happened to those highly-touted tax cuts of 2017 leading to lower national deficits? Yet another lie!
And so, with our budget deficits again rising, why is this POTUS asking Congress to use your tax dollars to pay for an antiquated, dubious border wall? Really? A wall? In 2018 or beyond? The Great Wall of China was started over 2000 years ago, and was completed about 300 years ago. How's that working out in 2018?
The Wall is the perfect symbol for this POTUS. The entire idea is based upon ignorance. It would be ineffective. And, it is a waste of time and precious resources. It is the perfect example of this POTUS wanting to use your tax dollars in order to buy your vote -- while running high deficits in the national budgets! How political this POTUS is!
It is senseless, wasteful spending which only makes it more feasible to...

Lyin' Don the Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like, started his Fake News long before he became POTUS. In fact, he started his Fake News to get the Republican nomination in order to become our POTUS!
This from Michael Cohen on the Faux News website...their headline reads: "Michael Cohen levels new allegation, claims he worked to rig online polls at Trump’s direction."
Here's a link to the entire article:

This is America. If you choose to believe the Fake News perpetrated by, and/or at the order of Fat Donny, you have the right to do so. If you choose to do so, just remember to suspend all rational thinking and believe the lies Potuzzi waddles out to tell us, or waddles over to his device to tweet to us. Please, please, please do not allow facts to get in the way of your love for Fat Donny's lies!

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