Jon Stainbrook - lost his precinct and almost 100+ central committee races

This is all I can think of....
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are committed to the Republican Party, as you have been for so many years. You and I may not agree on a lot of political positions, but I respect your commitments to your ideals and the respect you have for those who honestly disagree with you politically.
To be perfectly frank, I pay little attention to the machinations within the Republican Party. I do appreciate those Republicans who set party politics aside to try to find solutions to the problems facing society which require compromise and common sense solutions, rather than strict adherence to some political ideal -- whether they be Republicans or Democrats.
In my entire life, I have NEVER voted a straight Democratic party-line ticket in a general election. I have always found some good, common sense Republicans who are good public servants. May it always be so.

the Board of Elections on election night, Tuesday. This person stated to me that the counting was an intense situation for a variety of reasons, but that the four members of the Board of Elections (two Republicans and two Democrats) worked well together. There was no drama.
This is refreshing to hear for any of us who are longtime residents of Lucas County. It is quite a positive change from the workings we all heard about on the Board of Elections in the recent past.
Hmm...I wonder what significant change has happened since the last election?

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