We need more guns in America...vigilantism will save us. So, if a few black children die, isn't that justified...just in case?


A 14 year old knocked on a door in his own neighborhood to get directions to his high school, because he missed his bus and he was walking to school. His mother had his cell phone. Get it? All he did was knock on the door! A woman yelled, "Why are you trying to break into my house?" As a man in the house was getting a gun, the woman continued, "Why did these people choose my house?" Here's a link to an article about this shooting:
And another article: https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/black-teen-nearly-shot-knocking-1756...

Is it different growing up white in America or growing up as an obvious minority? YES!! Duh!! When this all occurred, the teenager's mother was working. Her husband is currently deployed in Syria. The 14 year old appears clean-cut, short haired, wears glasses, and knocked on the door. The man who shot at the 14 year old has been arrested and is free on a $50,000 bond. I wonder what the bond would have been if he had killed the 14 year old child? This same man who shot at him, and, thankfully, missed, was arrested in 2004 after he shot a gun at a car in a road-rage incident.

Remember when, in 2008 and again in 2012 the right wing-nuts kept warning about how Obama -- as POTUS -- would take all of our guns away? Every adult in America who wants a gun, has a gun. Don't we all feel safe now? I know I do. Of course, I'm not a black teenage boy!

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Here is a link to an article about what actually happened to a fine, upstanding citizen just because he has the audacity to be black and relatively successful: https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/police-called-former-obama-staffer-movin...

Some have posted here and elsewhere that any American will be OK as long as (s)he is doing the right things and is acting respectfully. But most of those who post such fantasies do not have to walk around inside a body that is African-American. I often wonder how much more discrimination I would face if I had to wear an armband with a Jewish Star on it. Why do you think that the Nazis ordered Jews to wear this type of identification before the Jews were rounded up to be put to death by the millions? Duh!
Fortunately, the guy in this case was lucky that the police actually asked questions first, rather than just arresting him, or worse, shooting him! We've seen these shootings happen over and over again to those who are doing nothing wrong, but simply have the wrong skin color in today's America.

very much in favor of allowing college students to carry guns at Kent State University in Ohio; http://www.kansascity.com/news/nation-world/article211234079.html
I don't know about you folks, but I feel much safer now, knowing that she can carry this weapon on the Kent State campus.
First of all, she cites as her reason for carrying this rifle the 1970 shooting of unarmed students on that campus. That occurred 48 years ago! There have been no such incidents at Kent State in 48 years! In fact, Kent State is often cited as one of the safest -- or even THE safest -- campus in all of America!
Secondly, as with too many pro-gun folks, she fails to cite the part of the Second Amendment which states, "A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free state..." To which "organized Militia" does she belong? The Second Amendment was written the way it was because the Founding Fathers feared that the new central government would become as controlling and powerful as the central government of England had become, thereby threatening the rights of the state governments to run their states the way they wanted.
Finally, the most likely scenario is that someone will pull a gun on an individual. Now, I have had limited experience with guns. But I do know that if someone has the "drop" on you, that other armed person is NOT going to wait for you to take the gun from over your shoulder, and get that person in your sights to defend yourself! As a matter of fact, when people know that someone is "carrying" that armed person is more likely to "shoot first and ask questions later."
Yeah. I feel much safer now!

abhorrent! No family should have to suffer; no school children should have to suffer what these families and school children are suffering. Not when I was a student, not when I was a teacher, do I remember worrying about a massacre being carried out at the school I was attending, nor in which I was teaching. As a child, I do remember bomb drills. As a teacher, we did have drills for an armed intruder. But, did I really worry that the real thing would happen at my school? Nah!

Aren't Americans sick and tired of all of this senseless, needless killing? Texas, as a state, has made decisions to allow as much freedom to have weapons as anywhere in our gun-loving nation. If more guns were the answer to limiting violent attacks, no school in Texas would suffer the way this school in Sante Fe, Texas, is suffering now.
In addition, other school children around the nation are wondering if they and their school will be the next targets for some deranged person. The NRA wants weapons to be carried openly, The NRA wants no background checks for those buying weapons privately. The NRA wants more school personnel to carry guns. The NRA believes that more guns make us safer. Do we feel safe yet?
When the POTUS and VPOTUS spoke at an NRA meeting recently, no weapons of any kind were allowed attendees. Are our innocent school children less precious?

the Texas answer to gun violence is get more guns out there!
On May 1st, the Governor started a lottery to give away a $250 gift certificate which will be honored at a licensed gun dealer in central Texas. The contest is continuing until May 31st. No sense stopping a popular activity just because a bunch of children and a couple of adults were killed, not to mention the additional children and adults who were wounded.
Yes! This is real. It is not "fake" news!

because they are on drugs! Our POTUS will believe it! After all, Ollie North said it, and he's the new President of the NRA. And we all know how honest the NRA is! Right?
Here's the truth from George DuPaul, a psychologist at Lehigh University where they have been studying ADHD and the drugs used to treat ADHD: "'There's really no evidence whatsoever that links treatment for ADHD with Ritalin and drugs like that with violence, let alone gun violence,' he said."
"'If anything,' DuPaul said, 'children tend to be less aggressive.'"
Here's a link to the article: https://www.yahoo.com/news/nra-links-school-violence-ritalin-experts-den...
I do have my own experiences with Ritalin and related drugs. When given to young people, they make children more lethargic and less aggressive. In older adults, like my aged mother before she died, they act in the opposite way, as a stimulant. Ritalin allowed my aged mother to, literally, get out of bed every morning...that is, until she died!

Of course Lyin' Don the Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like, opposes vaccination. He'll believe anything Ollie and the NRA state as "fact!" Potuzzi doesn't believe in global warming! He doesn't believe scientists and physicians in general...unless he pays them off! Look at him! Would any physician in his or her right mind certify that that septuagenarian is in good condition medically? I'm less than one year younger than Sir-Tweets-a-Lot, and I know what my primary care physician would say to me if I looked like that!

one a target for discrimination. It just does. That is true even when one is a person of some higher status in our society, and even in the State of Ohio, not only in the South!
Here is a link to an article about how an Ohio State Representative, a Black woman, who is stopped and questioned and has her bag searched, while her white male colleague, who assures the security guards that the woman really is a State Representative, is not subject to any extra security measures.
Yes, She did have her photo ID and showed it to the security people! And, yes. The only thing a member of the Ohio General Assembly is supposed to show to security is her/his special photo ID! And, no. She is not new to the Statehouse. According to the article, she is in her 3rd year as a State Representative!

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