We need more guns in America...vigilantism will save us. So, if a few black children die, isn't that justified...just in case?


A 14 year old knocked on a door in his own neighborhood to get directions to his high school, because he missed his bus and he was walking to school. His mother had his cell phone. Get it? All he did was knock on the door! A woman yelled, "Why are you trying to break into my house?" As a man in the house was getting a gun, the woman continued, "Why did these people choose my house?" Here's a link to an article about this shooting:
And another article: https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/black-teen-nearly-shot-knocking-1756...

Is it different growing up white in America or growing up as an obvious minority? YES!! Duh!! When this all occurred, the teenager's mother was working. Her husband is currently deployed in Syria. The 14 year old appears clean-cut, short haired, wears glasses, and knocked on the door. The man who shot at the 14 year old has been arrested and is free on a $50,000 bond. I wonder what the bond would have been if he had killed the 14 year old child? This same man who shot at him, and, thankfully, missed, was arrested in 2004 after he shot a gun at a car in a road-rage incident.

Remember when, in 2008 and again in 2012 the right wing-nuts kept warning about how Obama -- as POTUS -- would take all of our guns away? Every adult in America who wants a gun, has a gun. Don't we all feel safe now? I know I do. Of course, I'm not a black teenage boy!

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