Barb Lang, running for election in the Republican primary for State Rep District 47, is a Friend and Advocate of Tom Noe.

The Blade is going to love this. Ability to resurrect their "glory days." Get to brag about that Pulitzer again.

Why on God's green earth would a township trustee, in their capacity as an elected official, advocate for Tom Noe? He was convicted, and is a shame to Lucas County and Ohio.

Lang is seeking to win the Republican Primary for State Rep in District 47.

Lang's letter on page 2 link:

Text of letter in attached PDF

"Dear Governor Kasich,

Thomas Noe and I have known each other for twenty five years. We first me when I was attending Miami University and he was a supporter of BGSU. We later became close friends because he married a colleague of mine. We have celebrated family events, mourned losses and stayed in touch even through his incarceration.

As an elected official I understand the pressure of daily decisions and major decisions. Though I am only a township trustee, the process of decision making is always the same -- weighing carefully your values, the values of whom you represent and finding alignment whithin the situation. Regarding the Noe situation, I hope you will cosider what I hear so many people say, "the punishment does not fit the crime." Our value system allows for forgiveness.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Barbara Lang
Monclova Township Trustee"

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