Faux News is Fake news...Most Americans know this!


Here is a quote from the body of a report about how Faux News [the network Lyin' Don loves] accidentally posted part of a poll which shows that Americans, in general, trust Faux News THE LEAST among the major news networks: "Fox News have accidentally broadcast a graphic showing that they are the least trusted major news network. The broadcaster displayed the Monmouth University poll results during its Tight Shot show Sunday, with less than a third of Americans trusting it more than President Trump. By comparison, almost half of Americans [48%] trusted CNN – the president’s most hated news source – more than him. And 45 per cent of people questioned said they trusted CNBC more than the Commander-in-Chief."

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Q: What does Stormy Daniels and Sean Hannity have in common?

A: They both can describe Donald Drumph's penis in great detail.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

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