THE WALL: The current POTUS debates himself.

During his campaign for POTUS, Lyin' Don the Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like, spoke about THE WALL at almost every opportunity. Here is what he stated in June of 2015, when he officially announced that he would enter the race for POTUS: "I will build a great wall -- and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me --and I'll build them very inexpensively. I will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and I will make Mexico pay for that wall. Mark my words."
On March 14, 2018, Faux News reported this: "Trump’s vision for what he’s often called the “big, beautiful wall” may have evolved, though. He’s also said that a wall might not be needed 'where you have rivers and mountains and everything else protecting' the border.'" Here's a link to the Faux News on line article:
Sir-Tweets-A-Lot said: "We have a lousy wall over here now [in parts of California], but at least it stops 90, 95 percent..." The POTUS, again according to Faux News, "He said he prefers a concrete wall because it was the hardest to climb, but also said he wants it to be see-through." See there? Lyin' Don takes opposite positions in the SAME SENTENCE! A "see-through" wall? Isn't that a fence? We already have fences!!
Finally, how about "...and I will make Mexico pay for that wall. Mark my words." Well, Potuzzi, I am marking your words. More from Faux News...In your last budget, you proposed "$18 billion" designated for building THE WALL. That's 18 billion of American tax dollars. More from the Faux News article: "Eventually, but at a later date so we can get started early, Mexico will be paying..." Along with Mexico paying for the Brooklyn Bridge, perhaps?
Lyin' Don. I can tell he's lying. His lips are moving.

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Here's what Sir-Tweets-A-Lot tweeted after the Syrian government attacked its own citizens with poison gas yesterday: "Many dead, including women and children, in mindless CHEMICAL attack in Syria. Area of atrocity is in lockdown[sic] and encircled by Syrian Army, making it completely inaccessible to outside world. President Putin, Russia and Iran are responsible for backing Animal Assad. Big pay. Open area immediately for medical help and verification. Another humanitarian disaster for no reason whatsoever. SICK!"
This is what Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham said about possible POTUS action: "'He [the current POTUS] has challenged Assad in the past not to use chemical weapons,' said Graham, later adding, 'If it becomes a tweet without meaning then he's hurt himself in North Korea, if he doesn't follow through and live up to that tweet, he's going to look weak in the eyes of and Russia and Iran.'”
The POTUS continued to tweet (as is his wont): "If President Obama had crossed his stated Red Line In The Sand, the Syrian disaster would have ended long ago! Animal Assad would have been history!" This critique would make perfect sense...if Lyin' Don the Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like, had not tweeted the following on September 5, 2013: "AGAIN, TO OUR VERY FOOLISH LEADER, DO NOT ATTACK SYRIA - IF YOU DO MANY VERY BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN & FROM THAT FIGHT THE U.S. GETS NOTHING!"
See what I mean? Sir-Tweets-A-Lot debates himself! Talk and tweets without action makes this POTUS, "...look weak...!"

Here is a link to the entire article:
These are McCain's words: "President Trump last week signaled to the world that the United States would prematurely withdraw from Syria. Bashar Assad and his Russian and Iranian backers have heard him, and emboldened by American inaction, Assad has reportedly launched another chemical attack against innocent men, women, and children this time in Douma."
McCain understands the world so much better than does Lyin Don the Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like! Sir-Tweets-A-Lot attempts to point a finger at his predecessor, even though the Michelin Man clearly opposed attacking Syria in 2013 (see above). That was OVER FOUR YEARS AGO!! This POTUS is just such a politician!!

Lyin' Don the Michelin Man who never met a burger he didn't like, in his own words: “Never said when an attack on Syria would take place. Could be very soon or not so soon at all!”

Or, never?? Now, nobody knows how our POTUS came to this position, but one can speculate. After all, hasn't the tone of Sir-Tweets-A-Lot's tweets changed significantly since the official Russian position became a warning not to attack Vlad the Impaler's buddy, Assad, in Syria? Just sayin'...

How do these descriptions from Former VPOTUS Spiro Agnew fit our current POTUS? Speaking about critics of then POTUS's Vietnam policy, Agnew described those critics as:
"vicars of vacillation," and/or "pusillanimous pussyfooters."
If it looks like a duck...

and those who place walls before bridges: "A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges is not Christian. This is not in the Gospel."
Remember, please. These are not my words. They are the words of the Pope.

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