Patrick Donald Drumph Hickey charged with sex crimes.

They finally busted this pedophile. To all the idiots who voted for him along with his loyal followers, like Webb, Canales Smelka and the wife beater, Bumhower, go fuck yourselves.:)

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to the "Belt" article. It is fascinating reading!
I would like to point out that a "private investigation" is referred to in the article. I do know that at least one "private investigation" was initiated -- and paid for out of his own pocket -- by someone who was then a member of the Washington Local School Board. At the time, he told me words to this effect, "I don't want to have anyone be able to say that any public money was used for this investigation. I'm paying for it myself."
Heroes are often unrecognized for their sacrifices. So it is with this former school board member. That is obviously the way he wants it. He is a personal hero of mine!

This post is not meant to diminish the public statements by those who were in Addison at the time, and knew of something suspicious occurring there. Nor is it intended to ignore the courage it took to stand in the public, at a very divided public meeting, and speak to this. Neither is it intended to diminish the courage it took to speak, even privately, about the alleged abuse by an adult school official of a then teenager, that she was willing to discuss with a police investigator. She is a hero, too!

Hi Dale. Hickey besides being a pedophile is/was a conman, just like the turd in the WH now. All those asswipes who backed him and sang his praises that I mentioned above should never be heard from or seen again. If that WLS board back in 2007 would of done something when those women from Addison came to them about Hickey, it would of saved the district all this embarrassment not to mention the 300K to go away. Thank goodness for the few members of that board who stood up against that pervert.!

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

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